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Home Treatment For Dog Constipation

You have a dog and you love him so much that you cannot refuse him anything including home cooked meals and long periods of rest. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Many dog owners come to the vet complaining about this problem so that’s why it’s important to find more about it.

In this article, you can find something that will help you prevent and cure the illness before it gets worse, avoiding any trips to the vet.

We know what to do when this problem occurs in the case of a human. Usually a change in diet, some herbal tea and some pills can be the cure. What about a dog? Is it the same treatment?

The most important thing that will prevent this problem from occurring is to maintain the proper diet of your dog and to keep it healthy by physical exercise. A dog that has a good diet and had plenty of physical activity does not have constipation. A normal home dog needs to be walked at least twice a day.

If there are signs that your dog could get constipated you should be immediately alerted. So this lets you know what you should do for keeping your pet healthy. It is known that long hair on dogs will cause entangled feces so keep your dog groomed. Train your dog to prevent him eating everything he sees. A trained dog will eat only from its bowl and not from a man’s hand or something it finds on the ground.

Also a trained dog will have well established meal hours so that the food is digested properly. Food products containing flour, sugar, rice, dairy, potatoes, peas, beans, such as: ice cream, cookies, bread, chocolate, donuts, cooked food will cause constipation. If your dog gets ill don’t give him human pills because they can induce some stomach problems, one of them being the constipation. Check here for Health Dog Food Homemade Recipes.

If your dog gets constipated, try some of these solutions.

First add to his meals, one or two spoons of bran. These have the propriety of extra moisturizing the stool. The psyllium (Metamucil) can also be used like this: half of tea spoon twice a day and plenty of water all day long. Another remedy well known among dog breeders is mineral oil, served like this: two teaspoons added to the dog meals, twice a day, just for a week. A simple solution for avoiding constipation is to permanently keep the food moist by adding some drops of water in it. Also for older dogs, a good solution is to put some raw meat and vegetables in his bowl.

If the problem does not goes away in a few days and your dog keeps on showing a decreased appetite and it’s lethargic you should get it to the vet because it has a serious problem. So if you don’t want to have a constipated dog you have to be aware to their diet (enough water and fibers) and to their physical shape.

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