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Consider a Dog Grooming Routine

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to keep a constant and proper dog grooming routine. Besides bathing your dog, playing and walking him, you have to make sure you know how to groom your dog and maintain a proper dog grooming habit, which is also important for your dog’s skin and fur.

Usually the fur offers the first signals that your dog might have health problems that you did not notice. To keep your pet happy and healthy as well as good looking, you need to follow a few essential dog grooming directions.

Essential Dog Grooming Directions
Dogs can’t take care of themselves so making sure they are clean and in good physical shape is the owners responsibility. It is not only essential to have a dog grooming daily practice, but also the products you use to help in grooming your dog are important. So you need to know some things about the clippers, brushes and washing products as well as other necessary tools you use in grooming your dog.

Brushing your dog’s fur should be done at least once a day, and this is not only done for esthetical reasons. Combing eliminates dust and other little things that were caught in your dog’s fur. It also gets rid of little insects, straightens out knots and makes sure the natural oils are uniformly distributed throughout the fur. To do a perfect job you should ask either your vet or a grooming specialist about the dog grooming techniques and the tools you need for your dog. You should also make sure you comb your dog from head all the down to his tail.

Nail trimming is part of your dog grooming duty. Even if it’s not done every day, you should either learn how to tidy your dog’s nails or have the vet or a specialist do it about once a month. Based on your pet’s habits, you might have to shorten his nails more often or maybe less than once a month.

If you trim your dog’s nails yourself, you have to remember not to cut them too short, and also consider getting your pet de-clawed. Brushing your dog daily and cutting his nails monthly along with giving your dog a bath from time to time should help you keep your dog clean and healthy.

The Bath
Brushing your dogs coat has to be done every day, bathing your pet should not be done too frequently. You should know that if you bath your dog too often you are actually eliminating some of the essential oils that help his fur and skin stay healthy. Removing some of these oils can produce irritation and itching at the skin and fur level. The numbers of baths a dog takes a year depends on the breed, the dog’s lifestyle and the vet’s recommendation. Most people agree that the number of baths a dog should have yearly is 4-5.

For a proper dog bath, make sure you have dog shampoo, brushes, combs, towels, cotton balls, plus everything else you might think you are going to need. Additional tools usually mean rubber mats to avoid slipping and sliding especially if you bath your dog in the tub, and a spray hose. Smaller dogs do not have to be bathed in the tub, but can be washed in containers that are proportionate with their size.

Use cotton balls to avoid water from entering your dog’s ears. You can also use drops of mineral oil to prevent eyes’ irritation.
Wash your dog carefully by holding the hose close to the dog.
Pay attention to the shampoo you use and wash your dog between the toes and behind the ears.
Rinse carefully with warm water and dry the dog with a fresh towel or a hair dryer that is not too hot.

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