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Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis comes with age and it mostly affects large size dogs. There are a few things you can do in order to help your dog feel better if he is suffering from arthritis. Along with the medicated treatment you should make sure they have a controlled diet, that you take them for walks when possible and that they have a place to sleep that would ease their pains.

A resting place that eases your dog’s pains - A sleeping place that makes your arthritis suffering dog feel better can be one of your mattresses that you do not use anymore or a soft sofa. A baby mattress or a four-inch soft foam rubber will do too. Another thing you can do to make your dog feel better is to lift the dog’s sleeping place approximately a foot off the ground.

Exercise moderately with your dog Even if old and suffering, you dog still needs to move around and exercise. Walking the dog around your neighborhood two or three times a day will help him feel better.

Control your dog’s diet Usually, older large-breed dogs are overweight, so they are less eager to exercise and have their daily walks, aggravating their arthritis. You know your dog is becoming overweight if you can’t feel his ribs anymore. If this is the case, you have to take measures and control his diet. Another problem older dogs have is the dental problem. So if you have to put your dog on a diet, buy low calories dog food that also promotes dental health. Some great products are:

Science Diet Oral Care – 273 calories / cup

Iam’s Weight Control – 328 calories/cup

Hill’s Rx t/d Canine – 273 calories/cup

The dry foods from Eukanuba and Iam’s for adult dogs include an ingredient that keeps your dog’s teeth clean. You can buy Iam’s foods in most grocery stores.

Hill’s produces both Science Diet Oral Care and Rx t/d. Their food consists of large pieces that do not fall into little pieces thus asking for extra grinding that fulfills a 2 in 1 job: keeps the dog busy at least while he eats and helps clean the teeth. If you can’t find them in your local pet store try at your vet.

Diets for your dog’s joints Manufacturers like Purina or Hill create special feeding formulas for dogs who suffer from arthritis. Both seem good choices, as neither of them are low in calories or offer dental benefits, but they contain significant joint health supplements meant to help your dog’s joints regenerate. These seem to be the perfect food if your dog is not overweight and doesn’t have problems with his teeth.

Help keeping healthy joints with supplements Supplements especially created to relieve arthritis by regenerating joints and cartilages have active components like chondroitin, glucosamine, or perna caniculus as well as vitamins and minerals. Considered quite efficient and not having any side effects, they are widely recommended by the vets. It is believed that dogs should be given these supplements from the first signs of arthritis to help eleviate the condition.

Alleviate ache and tenderness Dogs that suffer from arthritis might need some painkillers to alleviate their aches. Some of the medication is also prescribed for people who have arthritis pains. These drugs are Deramaxx, Zubrin, Rimadyl, Metacam, or Previcox, and the most common Aspirin. Some of these drugs are quite expensive, but they are more efficient on long term rather than the Aspirin, and they can only be obtained with a prescription from the vet.

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