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How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

We all know our dogs love to jump and lie on our furniture. They’ve been doing it since they were puppies, and it’s a hard hobby to extinguish. We may not think about it much when they’re just puppies with those cute little puppy-dog eyes. But as they grow older they’ll think that it’s okay to just lie around on your furniture while you’re seething with frustration with the mess it’d cause. This is why it is important that starting at puppyhood you should train your dog to stay off your furniture and especially behave when you’re gone.

One tip to help you keep your dog off your furniture is to place something on the furniture. It will give the puppies the idea that this seat is taken and not to be disturbed. You can try putting a laundry basket, a big heavy box, or a big toy that can cover the furniture.
You can also look into getting your puppy use to a crate, or his every own sleeping basket. Crate training can help show your puppy that this space is his and is always his to sleep on when tired or bored. It will help keep them away from your couch and other furniture. It also somehow teaches them a little about territory.

The most important advice as a training your dog to stay off your furniture is perhaps to just directly and clearly shooing them off when they do. Show them you mean it (but do not resort to violence or harshness). While this may become repetitive if your dog loves you furniture that much, you might want to look into obedience training for your dog.

Now what if you’ve gone out? It is more likely that when you return home you’ll find a part of your house in shambles when your dog isn’t trained yet. Dogs can develop separation anxiety, wherein they get anxious when they’re left alone. They may resort to scratching, chewing things, and even housebreaking.

This is certainly a problem for the owners. One thing that you would have to work very hard on when you have a dog is to make sure he or she can behave inside the house while you’re gone. You can try restraining your dog in a safe area when you’re going out. Keep him in a crate or in a comfortable pen that will keep them safe and your belongings safe from them.

You should also make it clear to them that you will be back and that there is no need for them to worry when you’re gone. Don’t make it so like you’re never coming back again. Do not shower your dog with tearful goodbyes or lots of kisses. A casual goodbye is enough so that it won’t cause so much alarm to them. When you come back to your house, be just as casual and pretend like you’ve never gone out n the first place.

Another good solution to this problem is to exercise your dog or take him out for a walk before going out yourself. The exercise might tire them out and afterwards make them sleep, giving you no problems as you prepare and go out.

For training your dog to stay off your furniture and behave while you’re gone, the final advice would be obedience training. The training will certainly help behavioral problems with your dog and allow you to communicate with him more clearly.

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