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Traveling with An Older Dog – Tips To Ensure Your Canine Is Secure

Pets become an inseparable entity of a family that reared it. When it comes to traveling, a family emergency or a sudden illness within your family it may become an inherent question as to what to do with your beloved pet. Different pet owners behave differently though. Some might want to take them along but only to be greeted with hotel restrictions or land them into travel-induced illness. Some pet owners might want to leave their pets with some part-time caretakers and the result often times could be a serious illness of their pets due to lack of care and proper supervision.

It is these problems that led to the concept of boarding kennels. These boarding kennels are fortunately helping the pets and pet owners to be at peace while they are separate for a while. Boarding kennels are entirely different from breeding kennels and these are specially designed to take proper care of your beloved canines in your absence.

Having said that, however, older dogs take little more time to adopt to these boarding kennels. Dogs like humans need to be told about it constantly such that they are not thrown into the kennels unaware. More so the older dogs lack socializing pattern therefore taking more time to adjust to the surroundings. It is advisable that the pet owner should board his canine once in a while at these boarding kennels from an early age to improve on its socializing.

In case of older dogs, it is better that they initially stay for short durations. The pet owners can find out how they are reacting before leaving them for longer stays and thus helping them to get used to the boarding stay. Make sure that you don’t have to leave your dog for a whole day all of a sudden. He can create a wreck for other dogs and for himself at the kennels.

The most important point now is how to spot the right boarding kennel for older dogs. It is better that if pet owners make a surprise visit to some of the boarding kennels in their respective neighborhoods to help them understand the condition of the boarding kennels clearly. Whether it be the room available for dogs to be comfortable or the hygiene maintained at the kennels or the care and love provided by the boarding staff for the canines boarded there.

Take time to check on the temperature control arrangements of the boarding kennel and ventilation. They can get an idea of the place. Also, make sure to check the sleeping area of the pets especially the older dogs because the sleeping area should be very clean and dry and should have enough space for an older dog to take a walk around. It is very important that dogs have enough space to run around and break in.

Boarding kennels often have specific times scheduled for the dogs to exercise. Make sure to check that aspect and make sure older dogs are made to feel comfortable at receiving their usual attention and their normal daily activities including running and exercising. Certain health care information such as food, water and medication that a boarding kennel provides is another important aspect for a pet owner to make.

Once you choose the right kennel for boarding your older dog, make sure the boarding kennel authorities are informed of any extra care your dog must need, such as taking medicine, extra walking or extra nutritional supplements. If your older dog is pregnant make sure the authorities know of the fact.

Give them the immunization chart and medicine that the dog needs. Make sure your dog gets all the attention and care before releasing them to the boarding place. Last, but not the least, leave all contact numbers and contact details of your vet so that the dog is taken care in times of emergency.

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