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Dog Travel Training – Tips to Train Dogs for Long Travels Ahead

Traveling with your Dog can be both convenient and rewarding, assuming you’ve trained your dog well for travel. Use the following dog travel training tips to ensure safe, hassle-free, and fun travel with your dog

Train Dogs for Travel Early Dog travel is no exception to the old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks”. Luckily, that saying is not fully true, in that even old dogs can still be taught better behavior. However, it is true that dogs grow used to their ways as time passes.

The earlier dog travel training starts, the better trained your dog will be for traveling. Stay diligent with your training, because if your dog finds out disobedience is okay, it will be disobedient. Just like human children, puppies are alot more impressionable when young. Take advantage of this fact and start taking your puppy out with you on small errands or trips.

Dog Travel Training Starts at Home

If you want a well-behaved obedient traveling dog, you need a well-behaved obedient home dog. Dog travel training starts at home, because an obedient dog at home will also be a an obedient dog away. In contrast, if a dog learns that she/he can ignore the owners commands at home, the dog will not only ignore the commands at home, but will also ignore the commands while traveling.

If the dog will be kept in a carrier, train the dog to be accustomed to the carrier at home first, before taking it out on longer trips. This is your first step for success in traveling with your canine friend.

Gradual Travel Training

Houses are built brick by brick, and dogs are trained bit by bit. Dogs can’t be whipped into shape all at once, especially for dog travel training. Start preparing your dog for long traveling, by frequently taking the dog on short local trips with you in the car.

As the dog gets used to short trips with the owner present, begin increasing the length of the trip and leaving the dog alone for gradually increasing amounts of time. Taking a dog on simple everyday travels, such as to the doctors office or grocery store, will prepare your dog for longer traveling.

Comfort Around Strangers For pleasant dog travel, your dog will need to be left alond alone around strangers. Whether your leaving your dog alone in a car, with an attendant at a travel station, or with doggy day-care, your dog has to be trained to behave around other people it is not familiar with.

Dog training classes are a great way to teach your dog obedience around other people and dogs. Taking your pet out to the park as well is also a great way for your canine friend to get used to being social around other dogs. Don’t isolate your dog from the public, or else the dog will become accustomed to being alone and will thus make the dog fearful, timid and unpleasant. Instead, continually accustom your dog with all sorts of situations and people and he/she will be the life of any social event..

Return the Favor The most important part of dog travel training is owner travel training. Keep your dog obedient and trusting by attending to the dogs needs and being trustworthy yourself. Bring enough food and water for your dog. Regulate the temperature of the vehicle to keep your dog comfortable. Always lock the doors and crack the windows when leaving your dog alone in the vehicle.

Take a break from travel every few hours to let your dog use the bathroom and stretch. Don’t teach your dog that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, instead, teach your dog that the well-behaved dog gets all the Scooby snacks.

Train your dog for extended travel by following these tips and you just may have obtained a new travel companion for life.

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