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Dog Travel Supplies – Tips for Traveling with your Canine Companion.

Supply Yourself With Tools For Dog Travel - There are many dog travel supplies available to help facilitate traveling with your dog, and make the trip more pleasant for both dog and owner. By selecting the right supplies, you can protect your vehicle from damage, make your dog more comfortable, and make the entire trip easier.

Dog blankets provide two great functions for dog travel. Dog blankets can keep dogs warm. Also, dog blankets can supply comfort by acting as a cushion between the dog and the vehicle’s floor or seat. A great advantage of using dog blankets is that the blankets are completely washable – an advantage that unfortunately not all dog travel supplies have.

Seat covers can protect your automobile by supplying a barrier between your dog and your vehicle’s seat. Such dangers as dog hairs and dog claws can easily be avoided with a seat cover. Most seat covers include added cushioning, which makes the ride easier on the dog. In such cases, this great dog travel supply is a win-win. Seat covers come in many sizes, so that they can be fit by both the front seats and back seats of all cars.

Some dog travel supplies are particularly useful for large dog breeds, such as steps and ramps. You can supply your large or older dog with an easy way to get into your vehicle with steps or a ramp. This is especially useful for an SUV or Van, and fortunately manufacturers make steps and ramps designed specifically for such vehicles.

One of the most important dog travel supplies is the travel carriers. This classic dog travel supply is not just for small dogs, carriers are also available for large breed dogs as well. One can easily find dog carriers that are over 4 or 5 feet tall.

If you’re looking for a canine travel supply that will keep your dog safe and secure in your car, truck, or SUV, then harnesses meet your specifications. Most harnesses work with the vehicle seatbelts. Thus, with a harness you are able to supply your dog with the same safety and security any human passenger would receive.

Water-related dog travel supplies should always be used to protect your dog when traveling through or to water. Life-jackets and other floatational devices can be secured to dogs of any size, large or small.

The Base for any Dog Travel Trip

Food, water, and bowls are the most important dog travel supply you can carry . Travel food bowls can be very convenient, as they are collapsible and easily transported. Not only will you need to feed your dog once you get to your destination, but you also will need to feed your dog while you travel on longer trips. Keep these 3 items with you at all times during your trip.

The key to adequately supplying your dog for travel is preparation. A check-list of supplies can be reused every trip, so it is wise to make a physical checklist and keep it around for every trip. Before leaving, always remember to take a moment to make sure you have all the supplies you need.

You should pack extra food and an extra leash in a separate bag or suitcase, in case something happens to the first bag or suitcase. When first purchasing your dog travel supplies, take your time selecting appropriate supplies that are best customized for your dog, your vehicle, and yourself. With thought and preparation, you can use the right dog travel supplies to make your travels as safe, comfortable, and fun as possible.

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