Crate Training a Dog

Many people believe that crate training your large dog is cruel in nature, but on the contrary, this method of training is not only effective, but teaches a dog a fundamental lesson, keep your living area clean. Uneducated dog owners do not understand what crate training is all about. Crate training a dog is a wonderful way to give your furry friend a safe place to go when he is tired, when you cannot be with him, and will save your carpet and your house overall. It’s important to remember that crate training a large dog of any age is effective and completely humane.

What Crate Training Entails For Your Dog- Crate training a dog refers to placing your dog in a large crate or kennel when you are not around them to ensure that they go potty in the correct place. A crate can either be a wire type cage that locks or it can be the plastic variety. If you visit your local pet store you will see that there are varying sizes of crates , which are also called kennels. When you are crate training a larger dog you will want to purchase a crate that will be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in, even when they are full grown.

If you are crate training a puppy you may have to buy a large crate now, but it makes more sense to buy a crate that will serve the purpose for the long haul. The prices of crates really vary depending on the quality and the material used in creating the crate. Smaller crates are obviously less costly but it is important that you buy a crate large enough for your dog after its fully grown.

A crate will lock securely so that when you are away from home your dog will have a safehaven to run back to. You can create your own crate if you are inclined to do so, but you will want to be sure that there are no sharp edges and that your dog cannot get his or her head wedged in any gaps or holes. A crate really should be a second home to your pet. You can make it comfortable with a blanket or padding and a water bottle which should always be hung on the outside of the crate. This will give your dog everything they need when you are away, so you simply have the option to place them in their crate and walk away.

Crate Training a Dog Works Wonders – Crate training a dog works because dogs do not like to make a mess within their living space. The crate will be comfortable and the dog will soon associate it with sleep and rest. This natural tendency to keep the living space clean is why crate training works with almost every dog. This technique makes potty training easier since you will only have to open the crate and take the dog directly outside in order for him/her to go potty. Not only is crate training great for housebreaking, but it can create opportunities to create several other great habits for your dog later on as they become older.

Crate training a dog is a very rewarding experience for both the pet owner and the dog. Most large dog breeds love their crates, so there is no reason to worry that crate training a dog will have negative side effects. With a crate that is big enough and water provided, your dog will find its crate a great place to be.

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