The Wolfdog

Origin: North America

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Height Range: 24-28 inches

Weight Range: 60-90 Ibs

Colors: White, cream, brindle, hazel, brown, cream, white, black, and gray.

Temperament: The Woldog can be skittish at times and does not react well to fast motion, loud noises, or new people. This distinctive breed usually doesn’t show signs of “wolf behavior” until they are at least 18 months old. Young wolfdogs act more like the common dog when they are 18 months or younger because they have not matured into a wolf’s natural instincts. Although this breed is mixed with a dog breed, their naturual instincts when matured become inclined towards a wolf’s predatory behavior. Specialized books and training should be obtained when considering this breed as a pet.

Trainability: Should be handled by a professional. Training requires someone with alot of patience. These hybrids are misunderstood and should be trained at an early age of 14 days old. This breed should be raised in pairs. They need the companionship of their own kind.

Health: This depends greatly on the breed they were mixed with and the origins of the animal’s breeding society.

With Other Animals: The Wolfdog needs to be socialized at an extremely early age. They may get along with other dogs, but smaller pets should always be kept seperate. They do bond with other species of dog.

Children: Not good with children unless socialized very early around them. No children under the age or size of a 14 year old should be kept around this animal. Not a good pet for families or someone with toddlers.

Climate: Handles cold climates extremely well, but is not recommended for hot climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: This breed should never be kept indoors for a long period of time. They need to be contained within a large backyard and never chained up. This dog hybrid does not make a great city or urban dog. Best to be raised and kept within a rural area. Lots of exercise is required for this species.

Grooming: Low. Should be brushed weekly.

Recognition: Unknown

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