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Weimaraner Dog Breed Origin and History

The history of the Weimaraner dates back to the 19th century, where the breed was first bred by the court of Weimer in Germany . Though many of the smaller details of the Weimaraner’s early development are somewhat vague, theories have popped up over the century that attempt to fill some of the holes.

Weims are most often linked to the bloodhound, but some people have indicated that the Weimaraner is actually a variation of an old German pointer. Somewhere in between this theory lies the thinking that the Weimaraner is actually a conglomeration of many different German hunting breeds who have all mixed to produce a balanced result.

The Weimaraner, by classification, is a pointer. In its early years, the breed’s official name was ‘Weimar Pointer’. It was used in German hunting to point, track, and help retrieve small birds. In addition, it was often used in helping to bring down big game animals.

Weimaraners became popular in the old German court because of their ability to provide quality service and their ability to do many different things. As German hunting practices evolved, the Weimaraner was used for different things such as swimming in order to retrieve game birds.

History of Weimaraners Weimaraners were first brought to the United States in 1929 by a man named Howard Knight. This helped to make the breed available to many different people, as up until that time, Weims were only available to those who were members of the German Weimaraner Club. Knight was able to bring his Weimaraners over to America after joining up with the club and learning the ins and outs of their breeding. For many years following 1929, Weimaraners were limited in America , but as more people learned of the dogs, breeding became more common.

Fourteen years later in 1943, the American Kennel Club put their stamp of approval on the breed, giving it another bit of support as people began to embrace the new breed. They also hold a place in American military history, as many soldiers returning from World War II brought Weims back with them to America from Germany . Even former President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a fan of the dogs. He owned a Weimaraner named Heidi.
Since the American Kennel Club’s designation of the Weim as a registered breed, the dogs have become much more popular in the United States . Americans have come to appreciate the dogs as great family pets and they have become commonplace in competitive dog shows. The Weimaraner has also been used for very practical jobs, as well. They are rescue dogs and within the United Kingdom and Germany , they are used by police to perform a number of different jobs.

Weimaraners have not always been a popular dog breed in the United States , though. After their popularity surge in the 1940s and 1950s, more people began to breed the dogs. This led to over-breeding and inferior breeding. Eventually, the lack of quality led to a huge drop in their popularity.

It took the Weimaraner breed nearly forty years to recover from this, as they have just become more popular again in the last decade. Breeding has now become more regimented and Weims are once again being sought out for their versatility and beauty. Once again, they are one of the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog breeds.

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