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Saint Bernard Dog

Origin: Switzerland

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

Height Range: 24-28 inches

Weight Range: 110-200 Ibs

Colors: Orange, red brindle, brown brindle, or white with those color patches

Temperament: The Saint Bernard is a very friendly, gentle and tolerant dog, especially with children. This dog is slow moviing, patient, and very obediant with its master. This breed makes a great watchdog and even its massive size is a great deterrent. They also tend to drool after they drink and can be found to snore often. Some of the Saint Bernard’s talents include search & rescue, watchdoggin, and carting. They also have a great sense of smell which has been known to track people under many feet of snow. This dog is very popular for being a snow search and rescue dog.

Trainability: Excellent; begin at a young age while the dog is a manageable size.

Health: Generally a very healthy breed. Prone to bloat and dwarfism.

With Other Animals: Can be aggressive with other animals, but does not provoke confrontation. Good with other pets if raised around them.

Children: Good with small children.

Climate: Bred for particularly cold weather. Should not be kept in hot climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Can spend time indoors, but needs a wide open or large fenced in yard with plenty of human interaction. Will do ok in within apartment life due to its low activity level, but should still be exercised regularly. A long walk each day will keep this dog in healthy condition. Short walks and brief play are good when this dog is a puppy.

Grooming: High. Frequent brushing and eye care.


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