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Saint Bernard Temperament

Saint Bernard is a large breed dog that comes from a long history of European decent. It is believed that this tall breed of dog originated in the first two centuries AD, by a mix of dogs native to Switzerland and Asia. The Roman armies introduced the two breeds and throughout the history Saint Bernards have been known for guarding, and farming duties. In the 1700s the breed was used by monks of the Saint Bernard Pass; the monks would go on missions to a Hospice (founded by Archdeacon Bernard de Menthon ) and used the breed to sniff out people that are either lost or in trouble.

Since the mountain pass stretched from Switzerland to Italy. Over the years of heavy snowstorms and freezing weather the breed evolved as long-haired dogs to withstand the extreme cold. Saint Bernards have worked hard with the monks for greater than three centuries and believed to have saved thousands of lives.

Saint Bernard Personality The personality of a Saint Bernard is of loving nature. Although they are very large in size, they are generally relaxed and calm. They are also patient and quiet and get along easily with other dogs especially when they are raised together. They are excellent when it comes to mixing with children. But they have an instinct to be very careful and cautious around them . It is also said that Saint Bernards are perfect babysitters. A Saint Bernard loves to play and carry or pull items around. They also like to help you drag things and they feel a sense of purpose when they help you.

Saint Bernard Temperament The Saint’s temperament is generally very calm. However, since it is such a large breed they grow rather very quickly. There must be some form of obedience training starting very early so they will be tame. The Saint Bernard is very willing to please its owner and once they understand the master’s commands they obey rather quickly. They are exceptional guard dogs for personal safety. Their bark alone will send chills through a stranger. This is enough to scare an intruder; however, once a stranger is inside the house the Saint will probably want to play unless a member of the family is in the harm’s way. Saints do a have tendency of separation anxiety if they are left alone too much. This could lead to the destruction of your house or your yard.

Saint Bernard Characteristics Saint Bernards are large breed dogs. The males weigh anywhere from 140–180 pounds and are 28-30 inches tall while the females weigh about 120-140 pounds and 26-28 inches tall. A Saint Bernard is generally a mixture of white and red coats. The red can be usually shades of brindle with white markings. There are long-haired as well as short-haired breeds which is the only difference being medium wavy length in the long-haired breed. A Saint’s body is very muscular and massive. The head is large with a broad muzzle that should be black. The lips should also be black. The face has big brown eyes and deep-set wrinkles. When the dog stands alert the wrinkles are showed more. They have triangular ears and a long strong tail.

Saint Bernard dogs are known for their drooling and slobbering. Depending on the activity they are doing and the temperature they will salivate more or less, but always be prepared to get drooled on. They typically shed twice a year in accordance with changing of the seasons.

All in all, Saint Bernards are great companions for anyone looking for a large muscular loving friend. As long as you have space in terms of time and shelter to afford, they could be the perfect dogs.

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