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Rottweiler Health Issues and Concerns

Aggressive and unfriendly; these are the two most common terms associated with Rottweiler dogs. However, in reality, Rottweiler dogs can be sweet and loving if they are trained to be sociable. They can be loyal and protective of his master. Equipped with intelligence, willingness to work, power, and endurance, Rottweiler dogs are one of the best dogs fit to be a guard dog, police dog, or even a herder.

However, this breed of dog is also prone to several illnesses and diseases, both inherited and non-genetic. A Rottweiler’s health would definitely depend on how you take care of him, what you feed him, and how you train him. Thus, if you have a Rottweiler or plan to have one, it is relevant that you would know basic guidelines in his proper care.

Basic Rottweiler care includes provision of appropriate nutrition and proper training. You could give your dog the proper nutrition he needs if you know what is appropriate for his age. You must also consider both the quantity and quality of the food you are providing, which means do not only concentrate on how much you will give but know if it is the right food for your dog. Visiting and inquiring your veterinarian would give you the right answers with regards to what to feed your Rottweiler.

To prevent aggression, training your Rottweiler dog breed is the best solution. Socialize him to be more familiar and friendly to people and other animals. Training is best during the period when he can learn the fastest — when he is six weeks to six months of age. Exercising a Rottweiler is also beneficial for his health. It could help prevent obesity thus avoiding further health illnesses.

Three Most Common Diseases Your Rottweiler May Have

Studies and research show that the top 3 diseases your Rottweiler can have are sub-aortic stenosis, dysplasia, and osteosarcoma. Sub-aortic stenosis is a congenital heart disease that your Rottweiler has inherited from his parents. In this disease, the aorta, a part of the heart which is responsible for providing blood to the entire body, is narrowed thus blood being supplied to the body is lessened. Symptoms include fatigue and exercise intolerance. Sudden death may occur.

Dysplasia, meanwhile, is a form of inflammation in the joints that could happen to the Rottweiler’s hip or elbow. It is characterized by pain, lameness, unsteady gait, and difficulty to change position. If this disease is detected earlier, treatment such as surgery and anti-inflammatory drugs can be given.

The third disease common in Rottweiler dogs is osteosarcoma, also known as bone cancer. Biopsy and x-rays can be done to detect this. The most common treatment of bone cancer is amputation. But you would have to refer to a veterinarian first to know if amputation can still save your Rottweiler.

Other Illnesses to Watch Out For There are several more diseases or illnesses that a Rottweiler dog could acquire, including Addison’s disease, eye and ear problems, diabetes mellitus, bloat, immune deficiency, teeth problems, and many more.

Simply observe your Rottweiler and if you see anything unusual, immediately consult a veterinarian. Simple symptoms that are usually taken for granted may indicate a very grave disease.

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