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Rottweiler Dog Breed Information and Profile

Did you know that the Rottweiler dog breed is a authoritative dog breed nevertheless dedicated the family unit. Originating initially from the Italian Mastiffs dog breed, the Rottweiler dog breed was utilized for activities such as a herding during the Middle Age period. Later, at some point in the 1800′s, the Rottweiler dog breed nearly became entirely extinct. Nevertheless, the breed made a return during the early 20th Century period. Presently, the Rottweiler dog breed is frequently utilized as devoted guard dogs, intelligent herding dogs or even been known to be used for tracking skills.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Personality Regardless of the Rottweiler dog breed’s ominous or sinister outer shell, these dogs are actually a very tranquil and peaceful breed. The Rottweiler dog breed easily trains and is faithful to their family unit. The Rottweiler dog breed is an unfailing and trustworthy dog that will look after those he lives with and trusts. However since the Rottweiler dog is so strong and large, it is imperative that owners provide solid and stern training to prevent aggressive behaviors from this particular breed.

Rottweiler Temperament Initially, many people that are considering the Rottweiler dog breed as a pet feel slight intimidation. The Rottweiler dog breed temperament is actually very good. They are extremely active and do require plenty of place to get exercise and release their energy. It is important to take them on long walks and even spend time in a play area in your yard or a park with the Rottweiler dog breed each week.

In the midst of appropriate management the Rottweiler dog breed is extremely loyal and very loving companions to have as part of your household. This particular breed truly has a fairly mellow temperament. Yet, the Rottweiler dog breed does make for a great guard dog. They are fun to use for tracking competitions and do well with obedience lessons.

Rottweiler Characteristics The Rottweiler dog breed is a large breed dog that typically weighs around 85 pounds to 130 pounds. The breed stands between twenty-two inches to around twenty-seven inches in height. One characteristic of the Rottweiler dog breed is the enormous head and very powerful jaws. Yet, the eyes and facial expressions are very tender and loving giving the breed a unique appearance. The ears of the Rottweiler dog breed are triangular and add perkiness to the appearance.

Many owners will dock the tail of the Rottweiler dog breed and remove the hind dew claws. The short and thick coat will need a lot of grooming with this particular breed to keep it clean and looking nice. A true Rottweiler dog will traditionally have the brown markings on the leg area, paws, cute muzzle and their cheeks.

The Rottweiler dog breed is sometimes susceptible to hip dysplasia. In rare cases this breed gets ACL damage. Because of the size and the shape of the face, owners will find that the Rottweiler dogs often snore. Rottweiler dog breed loves their food and is prone overeating. Owners should to be watchful and be certain to not over-feed the dogs to maintain a healthy weight. Rottweiler dog breed can sometimes have a condition named entropion . Entropion is the narrowing of the slit area between the dog’s eyelids and can make it difficult for the Rottweiler dogs to see.

You can house the Rottweiler dog breed in an apartment, condo or house. Be certain that the dog gets plenty of exercise, controlled amounts of food and quality veterinarian care. This will increase the longevity of the dog and give you a companion to enjoy for many years to come.

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