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The Otterhound Dog Personality and Temperament

Otterhound is a large breed that is believed to have originated in France, because it is almost identical in its appearance to the Vendee hound. They were first used as otter hunting hounds in England. This was during the time of King John during the 1200′s. The hunting of otters was never a large sport in England during the erstwhile years but the hunting was used in order to keep the otters from eating away all of the fish in the streams.

Later, it became the only hunting sport from spring to fall seasons. The Otterhound was first brought to the United States during early 20 th century. The dog is definitely not known for its beauty; however, it is very popular for its great working abilities.

Otterhound Personality Traits
The personality of an Otterhound is a strong working dog. This loving breed doesn’t always need your attention. An Otterhound enjoys obeying it’s master and also has a balanced temper. The dog is an exceptional tracker, swimmer and a perfect hunter. It is very loving, but since it is so big in size, it can be quite clumsy especially if you don’t have enough room to accommodate. The big size also doesn’t make it a good choice when there are small children or older frail adults in your home. Once the Otterhound dog is out of the puppy stage it can be a perfect family pet. The breed is also greatly compatible with other pets and animals in your home. All it needs is ample room to play and exercise and owner’s attention.

Otterhound Temperament
The Otterhounds ‘ temperament is generally even. They are easy to train and can be excellent hunters. OHs usually will not pick their feet up when they walk, but rather shuffle them. In a hunt, they will move very slowly until they find their prey, and then they leap onto them in long and quick galloping strides. The dogs are gentle as well as calm. They are usually slow to housebreak and you should expect them to be stubborn. They need at least four to six months of consistent crate training before they become tamed. They often have separation anxiety causing them to become destructive when left alone at home.

Otterhound Characteristics
Otterhounds are a very large breed of dogs. Males typically weigh around 115 pounds, and are 27 inches tall. While females weigh 80 pounds, and are up to 24 inches tall. Their coat is coarse as well as medium in length. The hair is dense with a choppy appearance but suitable for all weather conditions. It is also very water resistant, especially the wooly undercoat. The breed has a tendency to shed a lot and needs to be brushed often. When grooming an Otterhound their coat is never shaved. The dog is known to be very messy, because of all the hair-its ability to hold water and everything else that may cling to it. There is usually a trail from where they have been the earlier minute; whether they are dripping from water or smashed their food all over their face eating.

Otterhounds come in a variety of coat colors, mostly blends of black and tan. All dogs have either a black, brown or gray nose color. The color on the rims of their eyes always matches that of the nose. Their nose is extremely sensitive making them exceptional trackers and hunters. The eyes can be of any color. Their body is strong and powerful meant for a hard day’s work and easily able to complete the job. The feet are big and round, very strong, and webbed. Their webbed feet along with their resistant coats make them perfect swimmers and indeed they love to swim.

They have a beautiful gallop when they run; very smooth with long strides. Once trained, an Otterhound can be a wonderful companion. But all you need is patience and ability to care for them. Remember, they need a very large yard and great amount of exercise.

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