Old English Sheepdog

Origin: Great Britain

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Height Range: 22-24 inches

Weight Range: 60-75 Ibs

Colors: Blue, gray, white, and grizzle.

Temperament: The Old English Sheepdog is an agile, well balanced, stocky/muscular dog that is known for its long overcoat. This breed is well known for their gentle, loving, and docile manner. They can be summed up as friendly, intelligent, faithful and protective. This dog has a very dominant herding instinct, so they may be found to herd the family in one spot by bumping them together. Very playful at heart, this dog loves to stick around its family and can be a great couch potatoe companion.

The English Sheepdog was bred to be a herder, so they are very good with taking instructions, but may take it upon themself to do things their own way if not instructed not to. This breed remains youthful until its last remaining years and loves the attention of children. Some of the Old English Sheepdog’s talents include: retrieving, herding and watchdogging.

Trainability: Can be fairly good with gentle training. They can also be strong willed, so firm training may be necessary.

Health: Generally a very healthy breed. Prone to bloat and dwarfism.

With Other Animals: Enjoys the company of other animals.

Children: Very good with older and younger children.

Climate: Tolerates cold climates well, but is very sensitive to heat.

Indoor/Outdoor: Can be kept indoors or outdoors. Needs plenty of time within a fenced in yard. Will do okay in apartment life and remain fairly active indoors, so they will do best in a large to average sized yard. Love to run and work hard, they should be exercised and taken out a few times a day.

Grooming: Very High. Needs constant brushing and trimming.


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