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Neapolitan Mastiff Dog

Origin: Greece

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

Height Range: 25-30 inches

Weight Range: 165-200 Ibs

Colors: Blue, though black is the next most common color. Chocolate dogs are rare. White can be found from time to time on the toes and chest.

Temperament: The Neapolitan Mastiff looks extremely beastly and even vicious in appearance, but this could not be anymore far from the truth as this breed is a very peaceful and gentle dog. Highly protective and fearless when it comes to its family, this dog also extremely intelligent as well. Repetitive training is often not necesary for they are in tune with their handlers wishes. This massive animal is very serious, calm, and quiet unless provoked.

The female Neapolitan Mastiff is usually better suited for families and children due to their less aggressive behavior compared to their male counterpart. Male breeds are more willful, but can be trained to be a great family pet. This breed is not meant for everyone. They must have a dominate owner capable of controlling him properly. This should be established while the dog is young. The Neo tends to drool alot, especially after drinking water or being out in the hot weather. These large dogs require around 8-10 cups a day of feeding, so be prepared to have a few bags in storage for backup.

Trainability: A calm handler with firm, but gentle training will experience the best results. This breed is not for everyone and should be trained at an early stage to be socialized and responsive.

Health: Prone to hip dysplasia, pano-ostiosis (growing pains), a condition which may occur when the dog is 4-18 months old and generally disappears on its own. Also prone to “cherry eye.” The eye tissue protrudes more than normal and becomes red and inflamed. This condition is completely cured with minor surgery.

With Other Animals: Males are more aggressive compared to females around other pets, but both can be trained early to be social around other dogs.

Children: If socialized early, they can be great with kids. Would not reccommend leaving them around small children due to their massive size.
Climate: Does well in colder climates and requires shade and lots of water in warmer areas.

Indoor/Outdoor: Believe it or not, this breed can do well for apartment life due to their low activity level, but must be taken out for exercise regularly. A large dog house with soft, comfortable bedding is needed to prevent pressure markings. Should be taken on long walks daily. Puppies will display alot more activity, but once adulthood has been reached, the Neapolitan Mastiff will tend to slow down alot. Must be kept active to prevent too much laziness.

Grooming: Low. The short hair is very easy to groom.


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