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Labrador Retriever Personality and Temperament

The Labrador Retriever is a large sporting breed dog that originally comes from the Newfoundland region. They are bred in England with the Newfoundland region stocks for hunting purposes. This heavy breed is now rather known more for its companionship qualities rather than hunting abilities. The Newfoundland breed eventually died out because of several quarantine and tax laws that existed. The breed was moved to England as early as in the 1800s. The Labradors that we know today came from a long line of breeding since 1878 from England. These are also popular as Labs.

Labrador Retriever Personality The personality of a Labrador Retriever is basically loving and earnest to please. The breed is also known for being gentle as well as playful. The dog is very patient and quiet. The breed can get along well with other dogs and other four-legged animals when raised together. The breed makes a great friend to children. It loves to run around and jump. Labradors do not have a suspicious nature. So if you are contemplating to get one to guard they are typically not the breeds you should be looking at

Labrador Retriever Temperament A Lab’s temperament is usually very pleasing. It is very intelligent at the same time gentle. The breed can adapt to different environments quite quickly. Because of its excellent temperament the Labrador Retriever has become the most popular of the dog breeds in the United States. If training is started at around six months of age it enables the dog to have unlimited potential

Labrador dogs are used as guide dogs for many people with physical disabilities. They are trained to help the visually challenged as well as the hearing incapacitated people in our everyday society. They are also used as part of therapy for elderly people in nursing homes in various therapy methods. Even, the police and the military force use them. They train the dogs to sniff out drugs and weapons. They are also used at times of disasters to sniff and find survivors from inside rubble.

Labrador Retriever Characteristics Labrador males can weigh anywhere from 65-80 pounds and are 22-24 inches tall. The female Labs weigh from 55-70 pounds and are 21-23 inches tall. Their coats are short and thick and come in a variety of colors. We see yellow, chocolate and black-colored labs. Their body is medium sized but they are very strong. Their noses should be black for the black and yellow-coated dogs and brown for the chocolate-coated Labs.

They have a medium-length ‘otter’ tail that is thick at the base and tapering at the tip. The tail should not curl over the back and feather. The body and legs are broad and very muscular. Their feet are compact yet very strong. There should be no turning in of their feet, knuckles buckling, or bowing of their legs. This is an athletic breed and the dogs are excellent swimmers too due to the webbing between their toes.

Labradors are perfect for sports as well as hunting. They are great lovers of the fetch and catch Frisbee and the ball games. They are the perfect dogs for almost any type of a family because of their loyal and outgoing nature. Their pleasing, and playful personality offers any member of the family great companionship and love. They are easy to train and eager to obey their master. A Labrador is much more than your average dog breed. Their intelligence and athletic abilities make them able to be trained for many circumstances. A Labrador that is loved and well taken care of can live long up to 13 years.

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