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Labrador Retriever Dog

Origin: Canada

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Height Range: 22-24 inches

Weight Range: 55- 70 lbs

Colors: Solid black, yellow, or chocolate. There is also a rare silver grayish color.

Temperament: The Labrador Retriever is known to be very affectionate, gentle, loving, and patient. Skilled with high intelligence, a willingness to learn, and extremely high spirited, these great dogs love to play, swim, and be around their family as much as possible. This breed of dog is known to be the most popular breed in the US. They are also known to be great swimmers and will play fetch in the water anytime the opportunity presents itself. They do crave human attention and they need to feel as if they are apart of the family. Labradors do make great watchdogs. Being a guard dog is not their specialty, but they can be trained to do so.

There are two types of labrador breed lines. Field lines and show lines. Labrador show lines are more heavier and easier going than field lines. Field lines tend to be more energetic and high strung. Most great labrador pets tend to be more of a mix of the two. These breeds tend to be a bit more dominant as well compared to their cousin, the Golden Retriever. Some of their talents include hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdogging, police work, drug sniffing, guide for the blind, service dog for disabled, search and rescue, sledding, carting, agility, and competitive obedience.

Trainability: Easily trained. Great attention span and memory. This dog has been bred for many jobs.

Health: Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, PRA and eye disorders.

With Other Animals: Works well with other animals, but should be socialized around smaller pets near puppyhood.

Children: Excellent with children, due to their easy going temperament.

Climate: Tolerates hot and cold climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Either. This breed does need alot of exercise and at least a medium sized yard. If led unattended for long periods, they will become destructive. Not good for apartment life.

Grooming: Low. Average shedders. Easy to groom.


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