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Irish Wolfhound Dog Temperament and Personality

The Irish wolfhound is a large breed of dog that has a gentle nature. This breed originated from Ireland as the name says and was used for hunting by sight and chasing down its prey. The first record of the breed was sometime in 391 A.D. when a Roman Consul received several of these dogs for gifts, and he was amazed by these large-sized dogs.

The Wolfhound breed almost became extinct until 1862 when Captain George A. Graham restored them. The dogs are quite muscular and tall and somewhat resembling a Greyhound. They are also very quick with uncanny like vision.

The Irish Wolfhounds are loving dogs but quite klutzy. They love to chase and jump. It is not recommended that they be around small children or elderly people while they are puppies because they are so large, strong, and clumsy. They will not purposefully go after a child but they don’t always watch where they step or understand the consequences of their pouncing. The wolfhound puppy itself weighs about 100 pounds before it is a year old. But by three years of age the dogs grow out of their destructive phase and with the right training they can be the perfect family pets anyone can ask for.

Temperament They can be calm while being attentive. Since they are such loving and gentle dogs, in spite of being so large too they cannot make good guard dogs. However, when they are provoked they can be really fierce. Training the Irish wolfhounds call for so much of patience. The dog is stubborn as well as a slow learner. It should be trained slowly and consistently. The trainer has to be careful to never become overbearing because it will panic very fast.

Characteristics With its commanding appearance, an average Irish wolfhound weighs about 120 lbs for the male and 105 lbs for the female. The height of the male is 32 inches and the female up to 30 inches. Despite its large size it’s an extremely graceful dog. The head is large and held high always with a long pointed muzzle and black-colored nose. The eyes are really very dark. The coat of the Irish wolfhound can be gray, brindle, fawn, red, white, or black. The coat is rough, hard, and exceptionally bristly with areas of long hair.

The areas over the eyes and under the jaws have longer hair than any other place on the body. The body is long and muscular as well. A solid mass that is well defined and adding to the fierce appearance. The tail is long and slightly curved but it should never be too curly. The long straight legs are very muscular and the feet are large and round.

The breed needs a lot of exercise. Being that it is so large it needs ample room to run around and play. It also requires a large yard and someone to spend a large amount of time too. It needs training, exercise as well as socialization at a very early age and must remain consistent.

The dogs generally live up to 8-10 years of age. The Irish wolfhound is known to suffer from certain health problems. They often suffer from a condition called bloat, which is the second leading killer of canines after the cancer. It is a gastric condition wherein stomach swells from taking in too much air and restrain the blood flow and damaging other organs as well. It can kill the dog rather quickly. As with many large dog breeds, the Irish wolfhound is also known to suffer from hip dysplasia.

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