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Irish Setter Dog

Origin: Ireland

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Height Range: 25-27 inches

Weight Range: 60-75 lbs

Colors: Deep Red

Temperament: Irish Setters are highly energetic dogs. Intelligent, affectionate, and high spirited, these dogs make great country life companions. This breed can be very high strung and others can be more laid back. They are, although very lovable and gentle animals. Exercise this breed often and they can be a joy to own. Irish Setters have an excellent sense of smell and have been used for centuries to hunt and pick up scents that may be undetectable to other dogs. This dog has been bred for hunting, tracking, pointing, watchdogging, and competitive obediance.

Trainability: High. Require gentle training methods with exercise to prevent boredom. Very independant dog, which means patience is the key when training. These dogs are easily housebroken.

Health: The Irish Setter is particularly prone to epilepsy and severe skin allergies. They also suffer from eye problems and elbow & hip dysplasia. Also prone to PRA, auto-immune disease and hypothyroidism. The ears should be watched for ear inflammation. They also tend to bloat. Feed small 2 to 3 small meals.

With Other Animals: Great with other animals. They often love to race.

Children: Very good. Gentle and kind with smaller children.

Climate: Will work well in both climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Best suited for outdoor coutry life. Does not work well with city life as he has a high activity requirement. Large yards are needed. They will get restless and destructive without exercise.

Grooming: Low. This breed is an average shedder.


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