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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Origin: Switzerland

Life Expectancy: 9-12 years

Height Range: 25-28 inches males / 24-27 inches females

Weight Range: 110-140 Ibs

Colors: Black with red and white markings.

Temperament: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a loyal and devoted to thier family. Steady, watchful and protective, but not aggressive under most conditions. They need to be around family members at all times. This dog may be suspicious of strangers but will generally accept most people the family accepts quickly. It makes for a great watchdog as well, who will bark at strange noises or unknown characters. They are slow to mature both physically and mentally in which puppyhood may last around 2-3 years. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog’s talents lie in tracking, watchdogging, guarding, carting, and competitive obediance talents.

Trainability: Moderate, but not made for tricks.

Health: Some breeds have incidences of epilepsy and digestive disorders. Prone to bloat and hip dysplasia. Many Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have distichiasis, a condition in which extra eyelashes grow along the edge of the eyelid. These extra lashes can curl inward and scratch the eye. Though the condition may not pose any problem, it sometimes requires surgical correction.

With Other Animals: Great with other animals, but needs to be trained not to chase.

Children: Excellent dogs with children. They love to please.

Climate: Loves colder weather, but can also tolerate warmer climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Will work out well in the backyard, but must be kept indoors with family. Will do ok in an apartment and a small yard is sufficient. Moderate exercise is needed.

Grooming: Moderate. Regular brushing will due.

Recognition: CKC, FCI, AKC, NKC, APRI, ACR

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