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Great Pyrenees dog

Origin: France

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Height Range: 26-32 inches

Weight Range: 90-140 Ibs

Colors: White, with possible gray markings.

Temperament: The Great Pyrenees dog is a great deveoted family dog and guardian. These breeds are calm, very well-mannered, even to the point of being serious, loyal, loving dogs. This dog is gentle with all its family members and children alike. Although stubborn in nature, these dogs can be very reliant when raised with a family as a pup. These dogs do tend to bark alot and some drool and slobber. This dog has been bred as a sled dog, pack dog for ski trips, guardog, and flock guard.

Trainability: Average. Highly perceptive; his intelligence is practical and not geared toward tricks. Will try to dominate a less secure owner. Be patient when training, this breed is independant.
Health: The Great Pyrenees can develop skin problems in very hot climates.

With Other Animals: Can be aggressive with other animals, but does not provoke confrontation. Good with other pets if raised around them. Male dogs are more prone to aggresiveness. Great with non-canine animals and tends to love cats.

Children: Excellent; very protective of family children; can be too playful as an older puppy for young children.

Climate: Tolerates cold, but is sensitive to hot climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Loves to stay indoors with family, but needs a large backyard to roam. Not reccommended for apartment life. Puppies are very active and can wonder off. When walking this dog, a leash should be kept on at all times, they tend to wander alot.

Grooming: High. Daily Brushing, can shed heavily.


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