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Great Dane Temperment

The Great Dane is actually a sensitive and affectionate dog. There are also times when it can be playful and sweet. It is generally a quiet breed, very gentle and dignified. It exudes elegance in its posture and gait that complements its genteel manner. Its size may not say this much, and it may scare many people. But the Great Dane is not an aggressive animal by nature. Do not judge it by its big and powerful frame. It is really a very loving and lovable companion.
It is because of their kind and gentle temperament that makes them ideal house pets. They are not meant to be caged or leashed outside on the yard because they need human companionship. The Great Dane is a people dog, content and happy to be by its owner’s side. If the dog are separated and raised distantly from human companionship, it is likely that it can become wary and destructive.

How a person raises and nurtures a dog is, of course, also important. If ignored and left on their own, the Great Dane might become pent up and aggressive. An aggressive Dane can be dangerous, which is why it is important to socialize the dog with people and other pets. Remember that the Great Dane dog breed is one of the biggest of the breeds, and can cause considerable damage when destructive. These moments are rare, though.

Normally and naturally, the Great Dane is a regal as ever, with its size deceiving. It is big, strong, and powerful, but this dog is actually a softy at heart. It is loyal, calm, and patient. These qualities make it perfect for families with children. It can also become protective whenever it senses danger.

While the Great Dane does possess the qualities and personality that is ideal for the whole family, one must think twice before getting a Great Dane as a pet. Taking care of the Great Dane will require much effort, much space, and much muscle. You might not be able to handle its size and weight. It might outrun you when you go on a walk. The Great Dane also has a tendency to lean on you and you have to train him or her to outgrow this. There are also medical complications and exercises to worry about. Practically speaking, it is expensive and tiring to take care of a Great Dane.

But while there are these disadvantages present, some of us are still won over by the Great Dane’s calm and elegant nature. It’s gentle temperament, protective size, and patient personality would be worth all that time, money, and effort. A companion like Great Dane dog is a one of a kind treasure.

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