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Great Dane Dog

Origin: Germany

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

Height Range: 28-34 inches

Weight Range: 120-200 Ibs for males / 100-125 Ibs for females.

Colors: Fawn, black, blue, brindle, merle or harlequin

Temperament: The Great Dane is a very gentle dog in nature. Many refer it as the “gentle giant”. These kind animals display a dignified, kind, affectionate, playful, and patient dimeanor with children and their family. This dog doesn’t bark too often and only becomes aggressive when the circumstance calls for it. These brave and loyal beasts are tremendous guard dogs and are truly loyal to their master. Some fo this dogs breeder talents lie in tracking, watchdogging, and carting.

Trainability: High, positive reinforcement is important due to its sensitive nature. Due to the large nature of this dog, it should be trained early for obediance.

Health: This breed does not have a long life span. Be careful to buy from a conscientious breeder, as some very poor breeds are being sold to the public. Beware of hip dysplasia; buy only from OFA certified stock. Also prone to bloat, tumors, heart disease, and tail injuries.

With Other Animals: Good if raised around other pets during childhood.

Children: Excellent. Due to size, should be supervised around small children.

Climate: Tolerates both hot and cold climates fairly well.

Indoor/Outdoor: Prefers to be indoors with family, but likes to go outdoors to play and exercise. Should be kept within a high fenced in yard.

Grooming: Low. The short haired coat is very easy to groom.


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