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Gordon Setter Temperament and Personality

It would all really depend on how the dog is raised. But generally, Gordon Setter is classified as a highly intelligent dog of bold character. Whatever you perceive your Gordon Setter to be, it will most probably still stick to how they want to be on their own. In this regard we can say that the Gordon Setter has leader-like qualities — always sure of him or herself. And this is precisely why this breed is highly regarded as an intelligent breed.

While their level of intelligence has been generally established and accepted, the Gordon Setter is still a handful to figure out with regards to its temperament. Sometimes it would romp around and be as outgoing as can be. Other times, it prefers to be quiet and reserved. It may become moody at times. But then, don’t we all have moments like this, where we are excited in one moment and then disgruntled the next?

This would actually prove that the Gordon Setter dog breed is not to be judged quickly and trifled with. It will move along as he or she sees fit. It’s a breed definitely born to stand out as a leading figure. It gives out that bold yet easy composure, which only makes them more endearing and valued.

The Gordon Setter is also a cautious and wary dog. There will be times when he or she doesn’t want to be in the company of other dogs or other people. The Gordon Setter can be friendly and gentle with some people, especially those he or she knows so well. Not so, though, with strangers. You might also want to clear the Gordon Setter away from small children and smaller pets. The dog is not dangerous, but their dominant and robust energy might be too much for the smaller ones.

The Gordon Setter breed, despite its bold character, is really a friendly dog. It’s a great companion dog that is loyal and loving to those who know how to channel their intelligence. They can become destructive and dominant if they’re not held in line, but show him or her that you can be trusted and it will do your bidding. If you cannot get their respect, the Gordon Setter might make up its mind to dominate you instead. But when you do get their respect, then you will have a loving and protective companion by your side always.

The Gordon Setter also has personality bent on stubbornness. When it makes up its mind about something, it’ll be difficult for you to try to change it. For instance, if you tell it not to do something that it wants to do, the Gordon Setter might just stay quiet and seem like it’s obeyed you. Do not be surprised if you catch him or her doing it again in the future. The Gordon Setter is a curious dog by nature and has a determined personality in cases like this.

With its outgoing personality, the Gordon Setter dog is always up to some exercise and action. When the Gordon Setter wants play and action, then it will seek it. It has the energy for it, certainly, and whatever exercise you can give him, it’s always ready to take it on. It is this outgoing personality that makes the Gordon Setter a very fun and interesting companion.

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