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Golden Retriever Dog

Origin: Great Britain

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Height Range: 20-24 inches

Weight Range: 60-85 Ibs

Colors: Shades of gold and cream.

Temperament: The lovable, well mannered, and intelligent dog Golden Retriever is known to be a dog of great charm and charisma. They are easily trained and always patient with children. This breed makes an excellent family companion for about anyone who is willing to accept them. While not the best guard dog they do excel in watchdogging, loudly signaling their masters for unknown intruders. The Golden Retriever loves to be around other people and should never be left alone for a long period of time. Due to their desire to please and capacity for learning, this dog breed is well reknown skillset and affection towards their master. They have many talents including tracking, hunting, narcotics detection, agility competition, performing tricks, and obediance training.

Trainability: Excellent; extremely eager to learn. Can be taught just about anything.

Health: Generally a very healthy breed. Prone to bloat and dwarfism.

With Other Animals: Great. Has very little guard instincts.

Children: Excellent; can be too affectionate with toddlers.

Climate: Tolerates cold climates well. Can handle warm climates as well, but requires shaded areas.

Indoor/Outdoor: Either. This breed is moderately active indoors and will need at least a medium sized yard to play around in. They can be kept within an apartment, but requires exercise daily. This dog loves to fetch and play with toys.


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