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Giant Schnauzer Dog

Origin: Germany

Life Expectancy: 11-12 years

Height Range: 23-28 inches

Weight Range: 70-80 Ibs

Colors: Black, Salt/Pepper

Temperament: The Giant Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog that is very protective of its family. This breed is also loyal, calm, loving, and responsible. They are a true “superglue” dog that needs to be around its owner at all times. The breed calls for an experienced trainer due to its dominance factor. Giant Schnauzers are worker dogs, but can have the temperment of a small dog, which calls for plenty of training in their early stages from an expert.

This breed can make a great guard dog but can also be a socialite if raised around alot of human contact. The giant is a true “thinking dog” and can interpret situations and circumstances without the owners help. They are extremely good at figuring things out, so you should always be aware of what this dog is doing. They have been known to open doors, cupboards, and even drawers. Most breeders will tell you that you have to expect a certain level of upkeep and training before considering this dog as a pet. If an owner is truly dedicated toward this breed, they can be a great companion.

Trainability: Great. Must be trained young. Responds best to a firm experienced trainer who will be consistant, offer positive reinforcement, and plenty of rewards.

Health: Giants are more prone to cancer than most breeds, especially toe cancer which kills many Giants annually even if caught early. They are at increased risk of bloat. Epilepsy is all too common in this breed

With Other Animals: Descent, this breed is very dominant. Must be raised early with other dogs.

Children: Not suited for homes with kids under 12-14 years of age. Must be raised early around kids for well-suited family life.

Climate: Tolerates cold climates well.

Indoor/Outdoor: This breed can stay completely outdoor. If kept indoors, they must get plenty of outdoor time in a fenced yard. Not suited for apartment life and must get plenty of exercise. This is a very energetic breed that loves to play constantly.

Grooming: Moderate. May need brushing a few times a week.


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