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German Pointer Dogs Personality

German Pointers are a beautiful sporting dog breed. They are renowned for being excellent family pets and capable of hunting on land as well as in water. The dog was first introduced during the 17 th century. They were bred as hunting dogs and came from a cross between the Spanish Pointer and the Scent hounds native to Germany. There is also a rumor that some cross with the English foxhound as well. The German Pointer is very popular in both the United States as well as England for their hunting and tracking abilities and also the ease they can be trained.

German Point Personality The German Pointer’s personality is perfect for a family. The dogs are reliable as well as very eager to obey family members. They are perfect watchdogs but not such a good guard dog. They typically will not attack to protect their territory. The dogs love to play and learn. Their stubby tail always wags showing how happy they always are. They love children and it is quite easy to train them. The dogs are very active and very sociable. They hate when they are left alone and if they get bored they may become destructive to your yard.

German Point Temperament A German Pointers temperament is very friendly and they are always willing to work and eager to please their masters. They are intelligent and are not scared when it comes to strangers, but will not attack them either. They are indeed very affectionate. The dogs are even tempered, extremely active and always alert to their surroundings. They also get along well with other dog breeds and other animals when raised together. However, their hunting instincts do have the tendency for them to chase small animals such as the cats. The German Pointers have special skills of being a sporting dog and family pet.

Pointer Characteristics There are two kinds of German Pointers, the short-haired and the wired-haired/long-haired pointers. The short-haired pointers sport a double coat of flat coarse hair that is thick and very resilient to the water. The long-haired pointers have thick undercoats that has long and coarse wire-like hair very resilient to water and seasonal changes. Both types of pointers carry themselves in the same way and are known to have the same personalities as well as temperaments.

The males average 55-70 pounds with 23-25 inches height and the females weigh between 45-60 pounds and are 21-23 inches tall. Their bodies are medium sized and they are athletic dogs being muscular and strong yet without any signs of bulkiness or clumsiness. Their coat can be a solid color of white or liver and spotted with liver or white spots. They can also have patches of color, but a dog with black/yellow/tan spots cannot stand in shows and competitions.

The eyes of German Pointers are dark and almond shaped. Their muzzles are long and pointed so they can catch and carry their hunt for a long time if need be. The nose is typically dark brown and the ears are rounded and large. Their legs are strong and quite muscular. The feet are spoon-shaped and compact. The nails are thick and they have strong thick pads. The tails are stubby and thick, covered with short hair. German Pointers are known to have health problems such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

The German Pointers are intelligent and loving dogs full of energy showing a willingness to play. They need a rural home or working lifestyle and a lot of room to run about. They are not good dogs for the city though. They are excellent for a family with school age or older children. They can be easily trained. When looked after well, they live from 14 to 16 years.

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