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Overall Qualities of the German Shepard Dog Breed

Coming from Germany where it first appeared in 1800 known, also under the name of Alsatian, the German Shepard dog was initially a sheep herding keeper. Being highly intelligent, agile and suited for work, it is often used as a police dog, guardian, search and rescue dog, military dog and even as a guide for the blind.

It is known as a fearless animal due to his appearance. His head looks fierce with the almond shaped dark eyes set to the side, with their ears pointed always standing up when the dog is alert along with its black nose, tight lips and powerful jaws. The head is resting on a very muscular neck. Its chest is always carried forward giving the impression of bigger size.

The legs in front are straight while the back legs are curved. On the ears, face and legs the hair is short and long all over the rest of the body. Another important feature of the race is the color. They came in common colors such as: black, black and tan, sable, cream, black and grey, and white.

Among its qualities, we can mention intelligence, loyalty, a no nonsense attitude, fearless, and adaptable to any occasion. They are great dogs that protect the family who raise them and are considered gentle and kind to their owners. Being work fans, these dogs must always have something to do or else they will become very destructive. They enjoy being around people and also other animals.

A home with a big yard, families with kids and with other animals running in the yard these dogs are the perfect guardians. They can also live in an apartment but the owner must take them outside everyday for physical exercise.

The German Sheperd Dog is a very strong willed dog, very intelligent and well suited for training. It can be trained to attack and to release at command. But as many other breeds ( Rottweiler , Pit Bull, Doberman) it can become dangerous or destructive if brought up improperly. In some countries due to its aggressive characteristics, this breed is under strict law specifications.

The most common health problems that you should know about with this breed are: elbow and hip dysplasia , blood disorder, digestive problems, epilepsy, skin allergies, von Willenbrand’s disease, eye diseases and personality disorders. The lifespan is of 10-14 years.

This dog will be considered the very best protector of your family and your home, a responsible and well trained guardian and most importantly, your best friend.

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