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English Setter Dog

Origin: England

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Height Range: 22-27 inches

Weight Range: 45-80 Ibs

Colors: White base coat with even flecking and spots. Flecks differ from orange, brown, lemon, or liver colors. Tan base coats with flecking are also popular.

Temperament: The English Setter is a very gentle, placid, and friendly dog breed. This dog enjoys affection and love from his family. They are also great watchdogs and love to roam, dig, and can be magnificent jumpers.
There are two types of English Setters, field and show. Field setters are generally smaller and are extremely active, so they need more exercise than the show dog. Show setters are more large and less active when it comes to indoor environments. They also tend to exhibit more longer hair than the other. These dogs tend to be very vocal and will become a nuisance if not trained about this in their early stages.

Trainability: Very easy to train as long as trained with gentleness. Can be very stubborn with firm trainer. Training should start early to break any bad habits.

Health:Do not overfeed this breed. Prone to gain weight very easily. Setter bitches are also prone to false pregnancy.

With Other Animals: Great with other animals other than rodents, birds, and other smaller mammals.

Children: Excellent. Very tolerant of small children.

Climate:Tolerates both cold and hot climates. Comparable to humans.

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor environments are ideal. They bond very well with to their family. Not made for apartment life though. Needs plenty of exercise and long walks/runs.

Grooming: Field bred dogs need minimum grooming. Bench variety needs routine grooming.


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