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English Pointer Dog

Origin: England

Life Expectancy: 13-14 years

Height Range: 22-24 inches

Weight Range: 45-70 Ibs

Colors: Primarily white, but may be liver, lemon, black or orange, either solid, patched or speckled. Tri-colored is also permitted.

Temperament: The Pointer or English Pointer as some may call it is a very loyal, energetic, and devoted breed. He is affectionate, intelligent and clean. This dog is an excellent hunter, but remains calm, cool, and collective once at home. The English Pointer tends to be a bit timid around strangers and can be willful at times with its owner. Show breed lines tend to make better pets than the hunting line due to their high activity level for hunting. Hunting instincts can start as early as 8 weeks old. This breed has superior tracking and hunting skills, but is usually not active in retrieving prey. Today this dog makes a great hunting companion and family pet.

Trainability: Tends to be a bit willfull, but needs no training within the hunting realm. This breed is very intelligent and can pick up alot of skills during an early age. Positive reinforcement is best suited.

Health: The English Pointer is prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid and dwarfism. Also skin conditions.

With Other Animals: Are very good with other breeds of dogs and are not usually aggressive.

Children: Good with children. Should be socialized when young to combat timidity.

Climate: Does well in hot and cold climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: This breed is moderately active indoors and is best suited for rural life or a large backyard. Exercise is paramount with these tireless creatures. Should be exercised very often, if not, they can become destructive and restless.

Grooming: Low. Brush regularly with firm bristle brush. This breed is an average shedder.


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