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Dogo Argentino Breed Origin

The origin and history of the Dogo Argentino dog breed begins, as evidenced by its name, in Argentina in the province of Cordoba. In fact, it is the only recognized dog breed in existence today that originates from this South American country.

The Dogo Argentino (or sometimes the Argentinian Mastiff) was developed primarily by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez with the help of his brother Agustin The brothers were both dog lovers and also avid hunters. Martinez wanted a dog that was a great hunter, fierce and loyal, with great stamina and endurance while also being a great family pet and guardian. In the 1920s Dr. Martinez developed this large breed dog by methodically and carefully crossing about ten different breeds together.

The Dogo Argentino dog breed derives its origin from a mix of dogs. The foundation for the new breed was the now extinct Old Cordoba Fighting Dog that was known as a fierce fighter and a proficient hunter, but lacked many of the other qualities that Martinez was looking for in a perfect hunting dog.

The Cordoba Fighting Dog was mixed with the Great Dane, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Pointer, Great Pyrenees, Old English Bulldog, Irish Wolfhound, Dogue de Bordeaux and the Spanish Mastiff. Each of these breeds added an element that Martinez sought as the ideal hunting dog such as size, courage, stamina, spirit, color, power, etc., and Martinez used the Dogo Argentino to hunt wild boar, jaguars and other big game.

Dogo Argentino Breed History By 1928, the first breed standard was produced and the Dogo Agentino dog breed was officially born. Naturally a good hunter, the new breed also became a favorite among fans of dog fighting. This reputation continues today, and the dog has a bad reputation, perhaps unfairly, as an overly aggressive dog and is banned in many countries including Great Britian and Australia.

The dog is, however, allowed in the United States and many other countries as well. In Argentina the breed was officially recognized in 1964 and in 1973 the Dogo Argentino was accepted by the international dog group, Federation Cynologique Internationale, or FCI. The dog is not officially recognized by the AKC, but the club does list the Dogo Argenito in its Foundation Stock Service. In addition to the Argentino Dogo dog breed’s ability to hunt and fight, the dog is also used as a guard dog, in police and military work, as a watchdog, and of course as a family pet.

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