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The Doberman Pinscher Temperament- A Dog with Personality

One of the most popular breeds in the United States , the Doberman still calls for clever handling, but offers first-class defense for his owner, home, family and goods. Full of energy and great intelligence, the Doberman is considered to be difficult to own. Its personality changed over time and it was not too long ago that this breed was known as the ‘sharpest thing on four feet’.

Unexperienced dog owners are afraid of the Doberman Pinscher . This fear was in fact a good thing for the breed itself because it ensured that only the educated people owned one.

The Doberman breed is known as one of the most faithful and very responsible to his owner. Friendly with the family members, he adapts very well to their personalities. He likes close relationships with the family that owns him, and when love is shown in return he becomes the best defender. If trained properly he can be left around the owner’s children and friends. Considered the ideal house dog because of the medium size, the short hard hair as well as is cleanliness, the Doberman Pincher became more popular only after his roughness became smoother.

Even if they are the same breed, the Doberman dog should be treated as an unique individual and it is recommended that a person who want to own such a dog meets these requirements and has a friendly relationship with the parents’ puppies or the adult dog before they are moved to the new environment. Being acquainted with the dog will make the transition from his present environment to the new one easier.

Some of the existing Doberman dogs are still introverted, as well as ferocious, but the number of these dogs is decreasing. Responsible for the decreasing number of these types of dogs are the breeders that strive to produce sound personality dogs. When you decide to buy a Doberman ma ke sure you ask for assistance from a trustworthy breeder or a specialist in breeding to assist you in making the best choice according to your taste and situation. If you make the right choice, you will be more than happy for owning a Doberman Pinscher .

The most important thing to consider when buying a Doberman is the breeder whom should be recommended to you if possible. Also try to buy a dog that you can go and get yourself, thus having the opportunity to see how the dog was raised. Don’t forget to set a meeting with the breeder before you go to make sure he or she has time to discuss with you and show you around as well as to answer questions related to the dog you intend to purchase.

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