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Doberman Pinscher Dog

Origin: Germany

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Height Range: 25-27 inches

Weight Range: 66-88 Ibs

Colors: Fawn, brown, or black with tan markings.

Temperament: The Doberman Pinscher has been bred for over a century to be a magnificent guard dog. This dog is energetic with tremendous stregth and stamina. They are versatile, intelligent, and very easy to train. Fearless and assertive, but not vicious. When it comes to family, they are loyal and affectionate, and likes to be very close with family members. All members of the family should know how to treat this animal because they can be pushy if not trained properly. Some can bond with one member of the family while others have no problem bonding with many members.

The Doberman Pincher is naturally protective and does not need additional training in order to provide protection for anyone. They should be socialized when younger so that they aren’t over protective. Although they can be aggressive, they make a great therapy dog as well. They can be sweet and docile with patients at the same time being protective of anyone who may pose a threat.

This breed has many talents including tracking, watchdogging, guarding, police crime work, military work, search and rescue, therapy work, competitive and obediance competitions. The Doberman Pinscher has been bred to work with man and needs interaction constantly. They must be with family and not contained, alone, within a confined space or backyard.

Trainability: High. Needs a master who can train them without being afraid of them. Training should be through positive reinforcement.

Health: Generally healthy; possible cervical spondylitis (wobbler syndrome) due to fusion of neck vertebrae and compression of spinal cord; possible inherited blood disorder, obesity in middle age. Also prone to bloat, hip dysplasia, and congenital heart disorders. Veterinary check is advisable before purchasing a puppy.

With Other Animals: Can be aggressive with other animals unless trained not to.

Children: Good with older behaved children. Make sure they are trained around kids when they are puppies.

Climate: Tolerates heat well.

Indoor/Outdoor: Can be indoor, but must have fenced in yard. Needs frequest exercise, including running.

Grooming: Low. Average shedders.


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