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Doberman Pinscher Puppies – Rules on What to Lookout For

Looking to purchase a Doberman puppy, but don’t know what characteristics to look for? Read the tips below to help you make a smart decision.

First. Be careful with the environment where the puppies are kept in. It shouldn’t be clean as a hospital but it shouldn’t be as extremely dirty as well. If the place is dirty the puppies may have internal disease and this is definitely not what you are looking for. The ideal house for a puppy should be clean, with a warm dry pen, clean papers on the floor and a clean bedding area. Also look if the food and the water dishes are kept clean.

Second. Look closely at the Doberman Pincher. It should be approximately 9 weeks old, weight between 17 pounds for a female and 20 pounds for a male, have shiny coat, some loose skin, smell clean, his ears trimmed and his eyes bright. A dog that accomplishes all these conditions is the best deal for a buyer.

Third. Look at the owner. Study his personality and maybe inquire earlier about his reputation. Be aware of the ones who are most eager to sell you a puppy without asking you any questions, this shows an appalling indifference in the fate of the puppy to be sold.

A good breeder will be most eager to know about the condition of life you offer to his animal. He may even refuse to sell you if he finds out that you cannot protect the dog from being hurt or treated improperly. Another good breeder is the one that will give you permission to take the puppy to the vet to check their health before purchase.

Beware the breeder who wants to sell you a puppy at five weeks and before the ears are trimmed. Most likely, he is doing this in order to save money by passing the added expense on to you. Also, it can be very upsetting for a novice owner to go through an ear trimming experience with his puppy.

Fourth. If you are interested in buying a show quality dog, it is advisable to ask the breeder to indicate the most suitable match. He is the most qualified person to recognize the good bone structure and the qualities required for the dog show. He also knows the dog’s pedigree and he can give you inside scoops on the puppies’ past: parents and siblings.

Fifth. If you want to purchase a dog by the phone, internet or mail (a thing that I wouldn’t recommend) I suggest you should inquire about the breeder’s reputation, about the health and the quality of the dogs from others who had bought Dobermans from him.

Six. No matter where you buy your Doberman Pinscher, you should receive at least a fourth generation pedigree and an AKC blue slip for registration (if not the dog has been already registered by the breeder). If he was registered you have to transfer it on to your name. Also you should get information about the diet it prefers, about the extra special care you should provide and don’t forget, you have to be in permanent contact with the breeder to share with him the problems and the winnings of your puppy.

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