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Dalmatian Health Issues and Concerns

Dalmatians are one of the friendliest breeds of dog. His white skin with black spots makes him very unique among the rest. They have been owned considered as one of the favorite pets by anyone in the world for the main reasons that they are known to be friendly, energetic, playful, affectionate, and easy to train. They can live for 14 to 16 years, making them a big part of the family.

The Responsibility of Having a Dalmatian Dalmatians are very affectionate dogs. They would frequently seek for attention, thus they love to be around people, especially children. However, if you have children, teach them how to properly handle a Dalmatian. No matter how friendly a Dalmatian maybe, improper handling and abuse can provoke him to be aggressive. If you can’t give the right adequate attention to your Dalmatian, he will grow unfriendly to people and other animals.

Training Dalmatians are relatively easy because they are highly responsive to training and exercise. They have high stamina and are very energetic. Thus another responsibility you have when you own a Dalmatian is to provide him with regular exercise, such as a daily walk. But be careful not to over-exercise your dog since this could lead to muscle fatigue.

The Dalmatian dog breed can be healthy for a long time, and diseases that are common to other breeds such as heart and orthopedic problems are unusual in Dalmatians. Common health problems found in Dalmatians include deafness, kidney and bladder stones, and skin problems and allergies.

Common Health Problems of a Dalmatian

Deafness is a common genetic disorder in Dalmatians. One out of ten Dalmatians are born with the inability to hear. And as much as two out of ten are born with unilateral deafness, meaning only one ear could hear. A Dalmatian with the latter disorder can still be treated as pets, however, training them would be a challenge. It is recommended not to own a deaf Dalmatian since they are difficult to train and handle, and they may grow as unfriendly aggressive dogs. Deafness can be detected as early as a Dalmatian is born. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response is a test that could determine one’s hearing status.

Another health problem common in Dalmatians is urinary stones. Stones are usually formed from the purine and calcium salts that Dalmatians get from their diet. To prevent such stones, avoid giving your dog food highly containing purine, such as liver and beans. Watch out also for some dog foods that may highly contain protein, which could also lead to stones. Letting your dog drink lots of fluids and allowing him to urinate frequently are also remedies towards the prevention of stones.

Skin problems such as allergies may also happen to dogs, but this is very common in Dalmatians. Maintaining a clean environment and proper coat care would help prevent skin allergies. Their skin is also very sensitive to fleas.

The above said diseases are the three most common disorders that may happen to your Dalmatian dog. Have frequent visits to your veterinarian to detect health problems earlier to render the proper treatment.

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