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Dalmatian Breed

Origin: Balkans

Life Expectancy: 11-14 years

Height Range: 22-24 inches

Weight Range: 55-60 Ibs

Colors: White with black or live spots.

Temperament: The Dalmation is bred to run and running is what they do. They were once used to run alongside horse-drawn carriages and therefore have a massive amount of energy and stamina. This breed is very playful, happy, sensitive, and loyal. They thrive on human companionship and if not given, become depressed. This dogs memory is superb. It can remember bad treatment for years, so be careful on how you treat the dog. Somewhat high strung, they can be aggressive unless they have proper socialization. All-in-all this is a great breed for someone who has the time to play, run, and spend quality time with the dog.

Trainability: High, but should train early. Does well with consistant training. They have high degree of obediance. Can also be trained for obediance and will make a great watchdog.

Health: Deafness affects 10-12% of Dalmatian puppies, should be tested early. Urinary stones and skin allergies (especially to synthetic fibers in carpets and upholstery) are also sometimes inherited. Uric acid levels in Dalmatians are higher than in any other breed, sometimes causing urinary blockage. Vets recommend a low protein diet.

With Other Animals: Can be aggressive with other animals unless trained not to.

Children: Good with older children. Too rambuctious for young children or babies.

Climate: Tolerates heat well, but not good with the cold.

Indoor/Outdoor: Either, but needs outdoor time for exercise. Not a good dog for apartment life unless you plan on taking out a few times a day. This is a very energetic breed and needs daily runs to stop destructive behavior.

Grooming: Low, but sheds alot twice a year.


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