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Collie Temperament and Personality

Collie dogs are very intelligent dogs. They are sweet, sensitive, kind, loyal, very easy to train and highly protective of their loved ones. Collie dogs are very friendly; they can live peacefully in a household with other dogs and even other pets. Collie dogs are very devoted. In fact, one Collie reportedly traveled 2,000 miles to find its family after he got lost. Collie dogs have been a five-time recipient of the Ken-L-Ration Hero Dog award.

Characteristics and Temperament

If you have young children, a Collie is the perfect companion and addition to the family as Collie dogs tend to be playful and gentle. However, Collie dogs require gentle training; otherwise, they will refuse to cooperate.

Some Collie dogs show herding behavior and nip at people’s heels as puppies. However, Collies outgrow this behavior. Collie puppies are easy and quick to housetrain. Collie puppies that are 10 to 12 weeks old can become housetrained in just 7 days.

Collie dogs have a generally good temperament. They tend to have a good disposition – friendly and good-natured. Once outdoors, Collies become highly energetic. Although Collie dogs are not aggressive by nature, Collie dogs tend to be naturally wary of people they do not know, are not familiar with or do not like. They can be pretty protective of their masters and particularly of children.

A Famous Dog Breed

Collie dogs are best known and perhaps the most loved of all dog breeds, thanks to the immense popularity of Lassie, the Collie in the famous television show, which was based on books authored by Albert Payson and published during the 1920s and 1930s. Payson’s books about Collies became the bases for a number of TV series and the Lassie movie franchise. Very few people in the world do not know about Lassie, the intelligent and loyal Collie.

It is not surprising that many people prefer Collie dogs as pets. The Collie dog breed history and origin is quite the colorful one. However, before you drive to the breeder or pet shop closest to you, you need to carefully think if a Collie dog is indeed he perfect dog for your family. You want a pet Collie, but are you (and your family) truly ready to care for one? Are you willing to devote time and money to make sure that your Collie dog receives the proper care it needs?

Not All Collies are a Lassie Lassie was a popular TV show. In fact, several generations grew up watching America ‘s favorite Collie. Believe it or not, many people choose a Collie dog for a pet because they have been influenced by the show. To many dog owners, Lassie was the perfect dog. If your decision to go with a Collie dog is influenced by the popular show, here’s a crucial thing you must remember before you pick a Collie and bring it home: not all Collies are a Lassie.

Dogs are different from each other regardless of how much they resemble Lassie so don’t think that all Collie dogs will act or behave like the Lassie on TV. A Collie dog may have the same basic characteristic as Lassie, but it will have its own unique personality and even quirks. As long as you don’t expect your Collie dog to perform heroic acts like Lassie did on the show, your Collie would make a wonderful family dog.

An Energetic Breed Collie dogs are very energetic. Originally bred as working dogs, Collie dogs can work all day herding cattle and sheep, standing guard over them to make sure that stray dogs, wild animals and other encroaching strangers are kept at bay. If you decide to own a Collie dog, make sure that you frequently take it out for walks or play with it for long periods to keep it content and happy, otherwise your Collie dog’s temperament will undergo a drastic change.

When not given adequate and regular opportunity to channel its boundless energy, a Collie dog can transform from being a dog with a cheerful and alert disposition to a dog that is morose and depressed. Worse, it can start engaging in destructive habits such as digging and chewing. If you are unable to walk or play regularly with your Collie dog yourself, you can check out doggie day cares that can do this for you.

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