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Boxer Personality and Characteristics

Boxer dogs are highly energetic dogs. They are playful and loyal. Although Boxers were originally bred as working dogs, they make the perfect family pet. Boxer dogs are different from each other but one trait that all Boxer dogs have in common is their playfulness. Boxer dogs, whether they’re puppies or ones in their senior years, possess a youthful exuberance that is unmatched by any other breed of dog. Boxer dogs have the natural ability to make their masters smile and fill a household with fun and laughter.

Natural Born Entertainers

Ask Boxer owners about what they think would be the most fitting profession or job for Boxer dogs and they’d likely tell you that Boxer dogs make the perfect clowns. Boxer dogs are natural entertainers – wiggling, wagging and doing their funny antics. If you’ve ever been around a Boxer dog, you’ll find it very hard to keep yourself from grinning. Put a Boxer dog in a room with someone in a bad mood and it’ll waste no time showing off its tricks to make a person laugh.

One of the more familiar tricks Boxer dogs are known for is “kidney beaning ,” a dance they do whenever they are excited. A “kidney beaning ” Boxer dog would turn itself into a semi-circle (shaped like a kidney bean) and start turning itself in circles. No owner could resist smiling whenever he comes home after a hard day’s work and sees his Boxer dog doing this dance.

Another antic that Boxer dogs do is the “woo-woo”, a sound they make whenever they are excited or want something. Boxer dogs don’t usually do the “woo-woo” but if you ever hear a Boxer dog make that sound, you’ll find out how unique of a sound it is – it isn’t a bark although it is similar.

Boxer dogs have a history of being wonderful companions, especially when you are out walking. The Boxer dog’s happy disposition is evident when it is outdoors and able to run freely. Boxer dogs are natural entertainers even when they are running – don’t be surprised to see a Boxer dog twist, jump and even do summersaults while it is out on a walk.

Boxer Dogs Aren’t for Everyone

Many dog owners prefer Boxer dogs because of their unique and fun loving personality. However, Boxer dogs aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a dog that will lie quietly at the foot of your bed or sleep most of the day, a Boxer dog is not the dog for you. Boxer dogs are very energetic and they need plenty of attention. If a Boxer dog doesn’t get adequate exercise every day, it can turn to doing destructive things or find ways to entertain itself – like chewing on shoes. Boxer dogs need to walked or jogged twice a day at the minimum. In addition, they need mental stimulation.

Obedience training is a good way to mentally stimulate Boxer dogs. In fact, if you want to own a Boxer dog, obedience training is a must. An untrained or improperly trained Boxer dog can be a source of difficulty particularly when you take it outdoors for a walk or jog because it will simply pull on its leash everywhere.

For this reason, Boxer dogs need to have proper obedience training. Both owner and dog gets to benefit from such as undertaking: the dog gets its much needed mental stimulation while the owner is able to set boundaries for proper behavior. When given the proper physical and mental stimulation, Boxer dogs make for excellent pets.

Boxer Dogs: Not a Naturally Aggressive Dog Breed – Contrary to what many assume, Boxer dogs are not at all aggressive or vicious. They may look like so because they have a tough appearance and sturdy structure, but in reality all that Boxer dogs want to do is play and work. As watchdogs, Boxer dogs will bark at people they don’t know as well as protect their family when necessary. However, Boxer dogs simply are not aggressive dogs. In fact, Boxer dogs have a difficult time passing the required attack sequence in Schutzhund training wherein they must attack a trainer who is poised as an attacker.

Intelligent but Stubborn Dogs – Boxer dogs are extremely intelligent dogs. Because of this, Boxer dogs are able to learn quickly and complete their training. However, it is also their intelligent nature that can cause difficulty during training. Because they are intelligent, Boxer dogs tend to also think on their own. Thus, if you get a Boxer dog, be prepared for those times when your dog simply won’t listen to your commands.

From time to time, a Boxer dog will show its stubborn streak and will refuse to obey commands even though it perfectly knows what it is being told to do and how to do it. When training your Boxer dog, it is crucial that you exert a lot of patience; otherwise, you will become easily frustrated whenever your Boxer dog refuses to obey.

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