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Bloodhounds: Gentle Dogs with Superior Tracking Abilities

It may look like it’s the saddest dog you’ve ever seen because of the wrinkly forehead and droopy mouth, the Bloodhound is one of the most affectionate, gentlest and sweetest dogs around. Bloodhounds are typically black and tan, red, liver or tan in color.

They are easily one of the most recognizable dogs around because of the wrinkly skin. Bloodhounds are called as such because they have pure blood, which means that they have untainted breeding standards. This purity is mainly because of church dignitaries who cared for the breed and had the strong determination to keep the breed untainted.

A Powerful but Gentle Nature
In terms of size, Bloodhounds are larger than other hounds. They tend to take up more space than majority of dogs. They are considered a large breed dog. The Bloodhound’s skin is thin and very loose. A powerful dog, the Bloodhound is also graceful. Because it possesses a gentle and loving nature, a Bloodhound is the ideal dog to have if you have children and other pets. Although Bloodhounds drool a lot, they are still clean dogs. In addition, Bloodhounds tend to bay often. Thus, if you intend to get a Bloodhound for a pet, make sure you give it a place where it can make a lot of noise.

Superior Tracking Abilities
Bloodhounds are also called Chien de Saint Hubert. They are renowned for their noses, or rather their ability to track any scent even after two weeks. Bloodhounds have characteristically long ears, which actually help them in tracking. The Bloodhound’s ears waft the scent into its nose as it sniffs the ground. The scent then makes its way to the Bloodhound’s nostrils and into a membranous structure that is home to over 250 million olfactory receptors, which is 40 times that of a human.

Bloodhounds can be gentle, quiet and placid inside the house, but when they are outdoors and tracking a scent, they can become rather difficult to call off a trail. Compared to other hounds and dogs, Bloodhounds are, without a doubt, have superior tracking abilities. This is why Bloodhounds are extensively used in police investigations.

In fact, one Bloodhound reportedly tracked down more than 600 criminals. Another Bloodhound reportedly helped catch 23 escaped convicts in just 36 hours. Aside from being used in police investigations, Bloodhounds are used for tracking lost hikers and children. By nature, Bloodhounds will never stop following a scent, but once it finds the source of the scent, Bloodhounds will never attack.

Bloodhounds as Family Pets
Because of their gentle nature, Bloodhounds make wonderful family pets. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you add a Bloodhound to your household. Keep in mind that Bloodhounds are big dogs so if you have an average house, you’ll need to have a moderately sized fenced backyard to allow the dog to get plenty of regular exercise.

If you have small children, a large dog like a Bloodhound could easily knock them down unintentionally. Bloodhounds are gentle dogs and will never attack a child, but they can hurt a small child just by moving around.

Bloodhounds tend to drool a lot and they can be messy; they love to roll in anything they can roll themselves into. In addition, bloodhounds not only love to chew on things, they also love to swallow things, even those that aren’t supposed to be eaten.

If you don’t mind the size and you think you can handle the drooling, rolling and eating then by all means get a Bloodhound. However, it is best to get a Bloodhound puppy instead of an adult one. Adult Bloodhounds also tend to have a hard time adjusting to a new home so when you do get one, make sure that it’s for life.

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