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Blood Hound Breed

Origin: Belgium

Life Expectancy: 10-11 years

Height Range: 23-27 inches

Weight Range: 80-100 Ibs

Colors: Black and tan, red, or dark brown and tan.

Temperament: The Bloodhound is an extremely kind, patient, mild mannered, lovable dog. They are also very energetic, determined, and independant when it comes to outdoor life. These are naturally gentle animals, so do not expect too much from obediance training. They will often make their own decisions.

This dog loves everyone and will generally get along with anyone if raised properly. They can be protective of their territory, but will welcome most out on the trail. This breed has a problem with snoring, drooling, and howling alot. This is the reason why they are kept outdoors. Most importantly, these dogs are able to to follow any scent over 100 hours old and will be able to stay on trail for over 100 miles. They are the top breed of choice for game hunting. Once they hit a scent, instinct allways leads them to the end of a trail.

Trainability: Easygoing breed. Not easy for obediance training.
Health: This breed is prone to bloat. Feed a few meals a day instead on one large meal. Some suffer from stomach cramps, so do not take out for a run after meal. Prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections. A padded bed is recommended to avoid calluses on the joints. Some tend to get entropion (eyelids turn inward).

With Other Animals: Good, but can be protective of domain if nobody is home.

Children: Very gentle and affectionate with children. Loves attention from children.

Climate: Tolerates cold well.

Indoor/Outdoor: Mostly outdoors for this breed. Can be very noisy. Needs plenty of exercise or lots of room to run. Great dog for country areas.

Grooming: Very low, but ear care is very important.


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