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Beauceron Dog Breed

The Beauceron dog breed originated from France . The Beauceron has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. It can grow as high as 24 to 27 inches and weigh between 85lbs and 110lbs. The Beauceron is typically black and tan with tan markings, or harlequin with grey, black and tan patches.

The Beauceron can tolerate hot and cold climates. It can live in an apartment as long as it gets plenty and regular exercise. The Beauceron can live indoors but it does best in a house with a large backyard where it can freely run and play. In terms of grooming, the Beauceron is a low maintenance dog.

Beauceron Temperament

This particular breed of dog is loyal, brave and extremely intelligent. The Beauceron is fearless, patient and vigilant. It is famous for its ability to master commands quickly and having exceptional skills for obedience training. If trained to do so, the Beauceron can obey commands from all family members. The Beauceron is a natural guard dog because it is instinctively protective, does not tolerate intruders, and its appearance and demeanor command respect.

In general, the Beauceron is patient around children, but it may attempt to herd small children. Although very sociable around dogs it is familiar with, the Beauceron tends to cast a wary eye on strangers. This dog breed typically does not get along with other dogs. However, if placed in the company of other dogs or pets (e.g., cats or ferrets) in the home while still a puppy, the Beauceron can easily adapt and live with other animals around. This is a dog breed that requires thorough and proper socialization. When properly socialized, a Beauceron can live harmoniously with other dogs and pets in the household, and have no problems with children.

Beauceron puppies are very active and tend to mature rather slowly. Because the Beauceron is a dog breed that develops extreme attachment and love of family, it should never be left alone for long periods.

Beauceron Trainability

The Beauceron is a highly trainable dog breed, but because of its high levels of energy, the Beauceron needs to be trained by a good trainer and be given plenty of exercise and attention.
The Beauceron is a working dog so it needs to be given a job and plenty of space to expend its energy. For the Beauceron, walking around the block twice or thrice a day is not enough; it needs long walks and opportunity to run free and play without being restrained by a leash.

Beauceron Breed Health

The Beauceron can live up to 12 years. This dog breed is known to have good health overall, although the Beauceron has a tendency for bloating and developing CHD (canine hip dysplacia).


The Beauceron dog breed is recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), UKC (United Kennel Club), NKC (National Kennel Club), NABC (North American Beauceron Club), APRI (American Pet Registry Inc.), ACR (American Canine Registry) and other Beauceron registries in the United States , including the States Kennel Club and United States Beauceron Alliance.

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