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Beauceron Dog Breed – Your Gentle Natured Guard Dog

The Beauceron is a breed coming from Europe, precisely from France. They were raised in France for their distinctive herding nature. The breed is only known to France and has never had any crosses with foreign breeds. They are a wolf-type breed and used to herd and guard the sheep. They also have a medium stature with great strength and endurance.

The dogs would guard hundreds of sheep at a time and move them up to fifty miles a day without wavering or getting fatigued. They are powerful muscular herding dogs with a serious instinct to always protect and obey their masters. Their origin dates back to the Renaissance era of the 15 th century.

There was a long-haired breed and a short-haired breed, but, it was in 1893 that a veterinarian by the name of Paul Megnin clearly set the standards for the breed and explained the differences between the two and that the Beauceron would be the short-haired version from Beauce in Northern France.

Beauceron Personality

Beauceron breed is a very gentle natured dog. They are never mean and never at all timid. Therefore, any signs of timidness in the dog should be dealt with seriously and immediately. They are extremely aware of their surroundings, so that they can always guard their possessions such as herds, their master, family as well as territories. They are not typically mean to strangers although they are a little cautious. This breed is extremely confident and strong.

Beauceron dog Temperament

As an adult, the Beauceron has a faultless temperament. The breed is known for being loyal to its master and protective of its territory. They are highly intelligent, very easy to train, and devoted. The Beauceron breed shows no signs of being cowardly or worried, and are never mild. The breed is still gentle but always sports an alert expression on its face. It becomes very territorial around strange pets but lives well together if raised with one another. The herding nature of the breed gives it a tendency to want to push or nudge people around. The breed needs a strong owner that would give him ample exercise and show the dog the leader of the family.


The Beaucerons are a medium sized breed. They can weigh anywhere from 70-105 pounds and 24-28 inches in height. They typically live up to 10-12 years. The body is medium in size and perfectly proportioned. Their head has well-chiseled features with a long pointed muzzle and a black tip nose. The eyes are oval in shape with dark brown color and should not be lighter than a dark hazel. Their ears are set high and can be cropped or left natural and floppy.

They are similar to the German Doberman in appearance. The lips are black and firm with strong sharp teeth and a scissor-bite closing. The tail is long and strong with a J-shaped curve. The tail of the Beauceron is never cropped like the Dobermans. The feet are large, round, and strong with distinctive double-dew claws. The coat is coarse and short in length but very thick. The tail and legs are typically having a feathering of the coat. The color is always black and tan. The black is very rich in color with tan markings above the eyes, on the muzzle, and slightly on the cheeks. There maybe some tan spots on the chest.

The Beauceron is a confident and strong breed. They are loyal as well as protective, thus making them perfect as companions or guard dogs or the herding dogs. The breed is not prone to any certain health conditions.

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