Alaskan Malamute

Origin: United States

Life Expectancy: 12-14years

Height Range: 23 – 28 inches

Weight Range: 85 – 125 Ibs

Colors: Grey (light through dark) and even gold through dark red. White underbody, also on legs, feet, and face.

Temperament: Very rambunctious, extremely loyal, intelligent, sweet and affectionate dogs towards their master. Tend to mature into a dignified mellow adult dog. These dogs are very friendly and would not make a great guard dog. Quiet compared to most dogs but do love to howl and dig. A secure backyard would be most suitable for this type of breed.

Trainability: Intelligent, but obediance training is highly recommended.

Health: Generally a very healthy breed. Prone to bloat and dwarfism.

With Other Animals: Can be aggressive with other animals unless trained not to.

Children: Good, some supervision with infants and toddlers. Great with children who can play safely.

Climate: Excellent for cold climates.

Indoor/Outdoor: Needs alot of room outdoors. Not recommended for apartment life. Needs exercise daily and should be careful to keep dog cool in hot climates.

Grooming: Requires brushing very often. Twice a week would be adequate.


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Alaskan Malamute History – Alaskan Malamutes can adapt quickly and easily to different living environments. In addition, they are loyal, affectionate and playful dogs; they love being around people, especially children but they are also highly independent…read more
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