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Akita Dogs: Intelligent and Fearless Dogs


Akita dogs are very intelligent dogs. They are also known for their fearlessness and spontaneity. While these traits make Akita dogs every dog owner’s dream, they can also make Akita dogs a challenge to train. Akita dogs are very protective dogs. They are highly protective of their owners and family, which means that Akita dogs can show aggressiveness towards people they do not know. This is the characteristic of Akita dogs that must be addressed during training. They are highly intelligent dogs.

Akita dogs will oftentimes think that they know better. They tend to pursue their own path. If you’re training your Akita dog, you will discover soon enough that it will try to do what they think is better. However, if you know how to properly train your Akita dog, you’ll also find out that your Akita learns quickly and easily. In general, Akita dogs have a hard time getting along with other dogs or pets in the same household. Akita dogs are very territorial and like to dominate so it can be very difficult for them to share space with other dogs or pets.

However, this tendency can be cured with the proper training. Anyone who decides to get an Akita dog for a pet needs to know that he must establish himself as the alpha dog from the minute he picks the Akita dog and take it home. Dogs are pack animals; they have a hierarchy, with the leader known as the alpha dog. With an Akita dog, it is crucial that you make the dog know that you are the master right from the beginning and at all times. Because Akita dogs are strong willed, they are not recommended for owners who are timid or have the tendency for submissiveness.

Akita dogs get along well with the children who are already in the family. However, Akita dogs are unable to tolerate any new child brought into the family. So if you plan to have other children later on, an Akita dog may not be the dog of choice for you. Despite the abovementioned traits, you shouldn’t be put off owning an Akita dogs. With the proper training, patience and consistence, these traits can be drastically tempered. Keep in mind that Akita dogs require specialized training so make sure that you have sufficient knowledge to train an Akita dog or that you find a good Akita dog trainer before you take an Akita dog home.

Keep in mind too that training an Akita dog will seem like a hard process in the beginning but with the right techniques and tools, you will soon discover that your Akita dog is a fast and fun learner because of how incredibly intelligent it is. Once trained, you’ll see for yourself that Akita dogs are some of the most wonderful pets.

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