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Afghan Hound Personality Traits and Characteristics

The Afghan Hound is one dog you shouldn’t get if you aren’t fond of cats. This is because Afghan Hounds and cats are very similar in terms of personality even though they are of different species. The Afghan Hound is the wrong dog breed for you if you want a dog that is active, goofy and would chase after Frisbees. Don’t expect an Afghan Hound to go after a ball and even jump into the water to retrieve it. You’ll be better off getting a Golden Retriever or a Black Labrador.

A hunting sight hound, the Afghan Hound is very possessive. If it sees anything that moves, the Afghan Hound thinks that it is theirs. In general, Afghan Hounds can’t live with cats or ferrets in the same household although some can. However, keep in mind that regardless of how well trained they are, Afghan Hounds have an unpredictable nature and they tend to rely more on their instinct. For instance, you should never let an Afghan Hound off its leash because once it hones in on a target, you will have a hard time getting it to come back or obey a command.

Unless you have a yard surrounded by a fence that’s at least 6 feet tall, you’re better off getting a different dog breed. Afghan Hounds are not well suited to live in apartments. If you do have a tall fence in your backyard, expect your Afghan Hound to try to scale the fence many times to get a squirrel.

Afghan Hounds can become easily bored and when they do, they can be pretty destructive. Thus, you will need to take the time to take an Afghan Hound for walks as well as exercise it regularly. Afghan Hounds tend to be stand-offish around strangers so keep this in mind if you take it for a walk in public places such as parks and around the neighborhood where you are likely to encounter people.

Be prepared to spend time regularly grooming an Afghan Hound . If you want your Afghan Hound to look like all the other dogs that have beautiful hair, you will need to devote a lot of time grooming it.

When you take an Afghan Hound for a pet, be prepared to relinquish part of your bed or sofa. Afghan Hounds love to make themselves comfortable in these spots. You’ll also need to be extra careful in the kitchen, taking care not to leave anything on the counter that an Afghan Hound can easily paw.

Afghan Hounds is one dog breed that can drive their owners crazy, but they have redeeming qualities. For one, Afghan Hounds are extremely loyal, loving, playful and affectionate dogs. Afghan Hounds love being the center of attention. They enjoy the role of lapdog because they know how good looking they are. As stand-offish as they are around strangers, Afghan Hounds enjoy themselves when strangers lavish them with attention.

You may think that you’re training your Afghan Hound , but in reality it is training you. Afghan Hounds know how to wrap their owners around their paw, so to speak. Once hooked, many Afghan Hound dog owners find themselves unable to imagine living with any other kind of dog.

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