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Afghan Hound History

Origin: The Afghan Hound is a very ancient breed. This dog has been mentioned several times in the Egyptian papyruses as well as pictured in caves of Northern Afganistan more than 4,000 years ago. This beautiful sighthound was used as a shepard and hunter for many centuries, hunting such game as deer, wild boars, goats, and even wolves. They were also used by shepards as watchdogs and herders due to their fast and agile running.

History: The Afghan was discovered in the west on the regions of Afganistan in during the 19th century. These dogs were later sent to England in the later part of the century. Some say that Afghan Hounds served as guard dogs and herd dogs, which are within the capabilities of the breed as we know it. The major role of these dogs, however, was undoubtedly that of hunting. The Afganistan kings would breed a kennel of these hounds for many generations with these purposes alone.

The real start of the breed in the US started with the first Ghazni imports in 1931, when Zeppo Marx and his wife brought from England a bitch, Asra of Ghazni, and a dog, Westmill Omar. Asra and Omar were later acquired by Q. A. Shaw McKeans Prides Hill kennels in Massachusetts. Mr. McKean soon added a young English champion, Badshah of Ainsdart. These three – Asra, Omar and Badshah – formed the cornerstone of the breed in America.

Summary: This dog has become a luxurious pet in America and Europe due its aristocratic look. The Afghan Hound is prized and loved by many of their owners and family members. With its distinctive personality and long coat that requires regular care and maitenance, its not the breed for wanna-be dog owners, but when the matchup between owner and this hound is right, there is no other dog that can equal the Afghan hound as a great and welcome addition to any family.

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