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  • Saint Bernard Temperament

    Saint Bernard Temperament

    Saint Bernard is a large breed dog that comes from a long history of European decent. It is believed that this tall breed of dog originated in the first two centuries AD, by a mix of dogs native to Switzerland and Asia. The Roman armies introduced the two breeds and

  • Saint Bernard Dog Origin and History

    Saint Bernard Dog Origin and History

    The starting source of the Saint Bernard canine is connected to the pass and the monastery bearing identical names, The Great Saint Bernard Pass. This pass supplies passageway between Switzerland and Italy , creating a very intense history. During 57 B.C., the time frame of the Gallic wars, Caesar had

  • Saint Bernard Dog

    Saint Bernard Dog

    Origin: Switzerland Life Expectancy: 8-10 years Height Range: 24-28 inches Weight Range: 110-200 Ibs Colors: Orange, red brindle, brown brindle, or white with those color patches Temperament: The Saint Bernard is a very friendly, gentle and tolerant dog, especially with children. This dog is slow moviing, patient, and very obediant

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