• Otterhound Dog Breed Origin and History

    All the way back to the twelfth century there was mention of ‘otter dogges’ in England . However, the Otterhound as we know it today did not become this way until sometime in the late eighteenth century. During this time period the otters were a large threat to the food

  • The Otterhound Dog Personality and Temperament

    Otterhound is a large breed that is believed to have originated in France, because it is almost identical in its appearance to the Vendee hound. They were first used as otter hunting hounds in England. This was during the time of King John during the 1200′s. The hunting of otters

  • Otterhound Dog

    Origin: Britain Life Expectancy: 10-12 years Height Range: 24-26 inches Weight Range: 70-115 Ibs Colors: Usually comes in grizzle or wheaten with black markings. Temperament: The Otterhound is a friendly, cheeful, and devoted companion. They are affectionate, smart, and independant with a mind onto their own. This breed is pretty

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